Our love

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Run... Run... Run. I told myself. Away from the death that was behind me.

The crackling fires of war burned my small village. Not that I cared much about it. Only one blacksmith, a couple houses, a shrine and the market. All being burned down.

My breath is getting deeper. The burgundy kimono around my waist, getting heavier and looser. I never ran this much in my life.

There was a tug, though not strong made me fall onto my hands and knees.

I look back to see one of the soldiers stationed here backed up against me.

"Please," he begged as a dark figure lurked over him.

I watched helplessly as a sword pierced straight trough his armour into his heart. His blood soaked into the fine fabric.

I tried to crawl away from the horrid scene that just played in front of me.

Too late. The dark figure was looking over me. A sword by his side. I look up to see a blood ridden man with piercing blue eyes.

I bent over ready for a final blow to my head.

"I'm not going to kill you. I think you are quite cute actually," his soothing voice told me.

I look up at this strange man," your mistake."

"Hakki, come help this girl up," he said to his blade.

Right before my eyes the blade turns into a petite girl. She extends her hand for mine. Shakily I reach her hand and she lifts me up.

"You have blood all over. Not what a proper lady should be wearing," he tells me.

I sigh,"I had no choice. You did just burn down my entire village and kill everyone in it. Or I assume that was you."

He comes closer to me. I put my hand out trying to get some space between us. My small effort doesn't stand a chance against him. He grabs my hand with a strong grip and pulls me towards him.

A small grin appears on his face. "What beautiful (h/c) hair you have," he whispers to me.

Before I could process what was happening he picked me up bridal style. Dragging me off to somewhere I wouldn't want to be.

"What are you going to do to me? Where are we going? Who are you anyways," I questioned while flailing like a maniac.

The small girl started holding down my legs, as the man held my arms with his free hand.

"I am Yato, a God of war," he responded, flashing off a grin.

I calmed my arms and legs and they let go. I was drifting off from the long day.

I woke up in a traditional quilt. Still covered in dry blood. Beside me Yato was sitting, starring at me. He quickly got out of the gaze he was in.

"There is a kimono on the table and a room where you can wash off at," as he pointed to a door west of the room.

I quickly grabbed the kimono and rush to the room before the blood stained one could fall off.

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