Chapter 7

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It was 4 am when I decided to leave my bed, I haven't slept for no reason. I walked to the couch where my phone was still resting on earning some dust. I died on the couch, eyes open. I looked over at Slash, wow, I know I can't come with Skid Row, Guns and the Crüe on there tour, I had to go back to L.A. and do my job which was at a record store across the Roxy. I asked my boss if I could go on tour with them, he obviously said yes but I have a feeling the longer I tour with them, the better chance Don (My Boss, he's cool) is gonna replace me. I'm pretty much Don's favourite employee but there's some dude who's the boss of him who gives him these manager rules he has to follow. Next destination was Melbourne, Australia.

"Haili?" I hear Slash's hoarse voice coming from behind me.

"Oh, Slash, did I wake you?" I turn seeing a huge puff of dark haired curls. Slash put his hands through his hair to rub his eyes making it more difficult to see that gorgeous face.

"No, babe, it's fine. Why are you sleeping here? Are you not enjoying my company on the bed?" Slash says in a deathly hoarse voice.

"Slash, get some sleep." I move closer so I can press my cold hands onto his soft, warm cheeks.

"Not until you do!" Slash finally comes back to life with that alive-like voice. He picks me up and rests me on the bed and he climbs on top of me, he collapse on me and he's out like a light.

"Morning babe." I feel a hot breath whispering into my neck.

"Mornin'" I turn seeing the most adorable motherfucker on my bed. I really did love Slash admitedly but Slash fucks chicks a lot, he's only my best friend and why I sleep with him? I sleep with my best friends, Kayla, George and so on.


"I don't really think fans would want to see Guns N' Roses without a guitarist." Slash giggles as he stood up. Slash took his shirt off and kept his shorts on and damn he was hot. I got myself dressed. Me and Slash walked to the bus.

"Aye! It's Slash and Hail!" Nikki exclaims in excitement

"Wow, Nikk." Duff giggles

"About time!" Axl jumps

"Its only been 15 minutes." Izzy added not leaving his eyes off his dog.

"Aye, Baz!" I wave to Sebastian

"Ayeeeeeeeeeee Hailieeee and Sssssssslllaaasshhh!" Sebastian runs up to us then giving me a hug

I had fun with the boys for a bit.. and Kayla, she hasn't really communicated to anyone but Axl. I was in a conversation with Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx and Sebastian Bach.

"Haili, sweetheart, are you and Slash dating?" Nikki leans causing the rest leaning aswell.

"No." I reply

"Damn it! You guys would be the hottest couple!" Vince exclaims almost loud enough to get therest of the 3 bands attention, luckily it didn't.

"Shut the fuck up V!" Sebastian smacked his face

"Sorry." He sadly looked down.

"Aww baby don't you cry!" Sebastian hugs him

"Tonight!" Vince stops his baby style and changes his tone to Axl's way of singing Don't Cry's lyric Tonight on the last bit of the song.

"Shut the fuck up V!" Sebastian repeated.

"Ok, Ok!" Vince promised.

"In your buses boys... yeah and girls." The security called out.

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