Day 3

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As I sat in silence while they continued to speak in what sounded like gibberish, I noticed the knots in the rope I was tied up with had come undone. Half of me wanted to book it as fast as I could to get out of here, but the other half remembered what The Boss said about ever trying that again. He would kill me on the spot. I started trembling, trying to make up my mind whether or not it would be a good idea or end terribly. I carefully stood up trying not to make any noise, and quietly walked towards the exit. I looked back and they were still talking, so I continued down the stairs because I knew the elevator would make too much noise.

I got about halfway down the first set of stairs when all of the doors locked and the alarm went off again. There was no way out. My heart started to beat faster and faster again until men from every door burst through and started running towards me. I wanted to cry, but I had to show I was tough. I started running in any direction I could and they all followed. I ran through the only door that was unlocked. The door leading towards the roof again. They were gone, I was the only one here. It was only a matter of time before the men would figure out I ran up here and come to kill me. I heard a ding, the elevator was opening. I stood in front of it waiting to see who would walk out, but there was no one in it. The door to the stairs burst open and men started filing out, my only choice was to go in the elevator. I ran in and pushed any button I could. The doors finally closed and a small sense of relief travelled through my body. I was almost to my selected floor when suddenly the elevator stopped. The doors opened and I saw The Boss surrounded by men facing me. I tried to close the door but right before it closed The Boss managed to sneak his way in.

He cornered me to a wall and grabbed my neck.

"I thought I told you never to do that again" he whispered into my ear.

I was trying to free my neck from his hands but he had a firm grip.

"I tried to be nice, but now I have lost all my patience." He yelled at me.

A single tear rolled down my face as he continued to strangle me.

I managed to rip away from his choke hold and fell to the floor, out of breath.

"Please, just let me go home" I whispered while tearing up.

He bent down beside me and laughed, "You already know too much, you're not going anywhere." He stood back up and pressed a button on the wall. We started moving and stopped at the main floor. The Boss was a tall, fit man, with blue eyes and light brown hair. For some reason everyone obeyed him.

He took me into the room where they watch over everything that happens in the building. I saw many guards, but not many prisoners. In fact, I was the only one.

"why. why are you doing this." I screamed at him

"You will find out soon enough, now shut up." He screamed back and hit me across the right side of my face. I fell to the floor holding my face.

"Get up." He told me. I didn't.

He said again, "Get up." I still didn't.

"That's it" He picked me up and threw me against a wall. I fell to the floor again. He picked me up one more time and held me up against the wall by my hair and started yelling. "Now listen, you listen to me ok! Don't you ever ignore me while i'm talking to you, got it?" He waited for a reply. "Got it?" He pulled back more on my hair. I tried to nod my head.

"Good." He threw me down to the floor again and walked towards the table where they were watching something on the video surveillance. I slowly got up and walked over to the desk as well. They were watching a man get beat up by three of the men who worked for The Boss. I couldn't see their face but I knew it wasn't right. Two of them were holding the guy up by his arms, and the third was punching him in the stomach.

"Who is that? Why are they doing that to him?" I asked.

"We have our reasons." one of the men replied. On the computer one of the men waved at us. That was The Boss's wave for his turn to deal with him. The Boss left and reappeared on the camera. He started yelling and hit him but nothing would happen. Then The Boss pulled out his phone and one of the men's phone beside me started to ring. They Talked for a little bit, then hung up.

He put his phone away and picked me up by the arm, and tied my hands behind my back. We started walking in a formation of a square. I was in the center, all I could see was the men in front of me. When we arrived at the place with The Boss, they started talking about "getting the job done." Whatever that means. Then they started talking about "the girl" whoever that is. When they finally finished talking, the square of men broke into two, leaving me tied up, standing in the middle. When I looked at the man who was being beaten, I started to cry. The man was my boyfriend, Nick Campbell.

He looked up at me and whispered "i'm so sorry." I ran to him but they pulled me back. Trying to fight them to get to Nick, they dragged me away without letting me talk to him. I started to yell "Nick! Nick!" But it was too late, we were both out of sight.

I sat in a room filled with guards surrounding every exit. Thoughts were racing through my head. The door opened and The Boss walked through. He walked up to me and lifted up my head.

"You see? You are here for a reason." He laughed. I ripped my head away and he grabbed my neck and lifted me up.

"Boys, take her back to her cell." And everything went black.  

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