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Before I start this I want to recommend that you have your tissues ready

Toby's POV
"Hey bud you ready to go?" I asked our three year old son, Emmett.
"Yeah, but I need my bear." He ran inside the house and returned a minute later with his stuffed bear. We are going to surprise Spencer at her job in Philly. She hasn't been able to come home all week and I know it's been really stressful for her. I put Emmett in his car seat and started driving. Out of nowhere, a car goes right into ours. I run out of the car quickly and see who the driver is. It's Wren and he's smiling. But he's dead. There's a piece of glass right where his heart is and I see a note.
Dear Toby,
Spencer doesn't deserve to be happy and you don't either
I run back in the car where the paramedics are getting Emmet out of the car. His face is covered in glass.
"Emmett!" I try and yell but they hold me back. "That's my son! I need to see him!"
"Sir, calm down. Let's sit." He said. "I also had a son. I was driving perfectly and another car comes crashing in to mine. It was a drunk driver and he died instantly and my son died in surgery. I know how it feels."
"But this wasn't a drunk driver, this was one of my wife's ex boyfriends and he did it on purpose."
"Your wife. Tell me about her."
"Her name is Spencer. She's the nicest girl you'll ever meet. We met when we were 16 and it was like love at first sight. Actually no, it was like hate at first sight. I lived right across the street from her and we would always start arguments with each other. Then one day, she is suddenly nice to me and I realize that she has a crush on me. Then she asks me out and we become a couple." I say.
"What does she look like?" I pulled a picture out of my wallet and showed it to him. It was a picture of me and her on our wedding day.
"She's a keeper."
"So my son? Is he going to be alright?"
"I'm sorry sir." Tears start forming in my eyes.
"I was actually on my way to see Spencer right now."
"I could give you a ride there if you want."
"That'd be nice."
Spencer's POV
I'm working in my office and I see Toby walk in. I run up and hug him. But I notice his tear-stained face.
"What's wrong?" I asked concerned.
"Let's sit down." He said. We sat down and I noticed that Emmett wasn't there. "We were coming here to surprise you. We were having a good time, listening to songs, and all of a sudden, a car crashes into us. I'm okay and I see that it was Wren and he purposely did it. Emmett didn't make it. I'm sorry Spencer." He said and we both started crying. We held on to each other and sobbed. Soon we went home and into Emmett's room. Toby got a call from the hospital.
"Hello? What? Really? We're on our way!" He seemed excited. He picked me up and we ran to the car and to the hospital.
"Wait what's going on?" I asked.
"It's been a miracle. Emmett's alive." He said. We ran in the hospital and went into his room. He was laying there, peacefully. I went over to him and kissed his forehead. I started crying but this time, it was of pure happiness. Emmett soon woke and looked at us.
"Mommy." He said and hugged me. Toby soon joined the hug. It was my happy family.
Hey guys, so it's a bit of mixed emotions in this chapter but I hoped you enjoyed it.

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