DxD X Male Cursed Reader (#1)

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This is a new story that I got an idea from metrofairy I believe his name was but he has his story in deviant art and it's really good in my opinion. plus you really don't see many of these stories (sadly). anyways here is part 1 and I don't know if I'll be doing a character x you, more just putting you in the story so yeah enjoy!

Link: http://www.deviantart.com/literature/fanfiction/romance/
(Your POV)

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
Hey get your lazy As... "THWACK!"
Was the sound you heard your alarm clock made as you threw it against the wall breaking it and shutting it up for good. You sat up in your bed irritated that your dumb alarm clock woke you up from your peaceful slumber then realized you had school "Hh shi..." you bolted out the door and quickly got in the shower.

{5 minute time skip}

You quickly got out of the shower and ran to your room with a towel around your waist. you enter your room and walk over to your dresser and pulled out your clothes for that day. you place on your clothes on your bed and started to get dressed. you slip on your black underwear and then pull your dark blue jeans on and button them up, you quickly put on your (Favorite Color) shirt. you grab a pair of black socks and pull them up to your shins and finally grab your (favorite Color) (Favorite Brand) shoes and tie them. you then walk out of your room and head to the bathroom, you comb your (Hair Color) hair and put in your usual (Hair Style) and quickly brush your teeth.

After you finish brushing your teeth you look in the mirror and smile cause you looked good. you exit the bathroom and walk down stairs to get your (Favorite Color) backpack, you then (kiss or hug) your mom goodbye and head out the door.

(your POV)
*you bring up your hand to stifle yawn and bring down after your done* " Uhhh damn alarm clock I'm so freaking tired its not even funny" you say as you walk towards school being slow and sluggish. "Hey (Male Name)!" you turned to see your friend Issei Hyoudou. you stand still as you wait for him to catch up to you, after he finally reaches he reaches out to shake your hand which you take and immediately start shaking his hand. you both smile and start heading towards school your with slow and sluggish movements instantly forgotten.

(issei's POV)
"Hey (Male Name) wanna go peek on the girls in the shower?" I ask "But we did that last week and I'm sure you haven't already forgotten what happened to you"

《Flash Back》

(3rd person POV)
"Oh man oh man look at the boobage on these babes!" Issei said while drooling. You reply by chuckling and saying "I can't believe how much of a pervert you are sometimes" and Issei replies "I can't believe your not over staring with me bro" you retort with "because at least I have some dignity to not peep on girls" after you said that one of the girls shriek as she spots Issei spying on her and the rest of the girls. You both immediately start running but the girls were faster as they grabbed Issei and barely missed you. You kept running until you got under a tree.

{5 minute time skip}

After Issei got the snot beat outta of him for five minutes he finally finds you sitting in a tree and says "What the hell, how come you aren't even hurt" you look down at him and wince because both eyes were bruised one of them was swollen shut, his face was a bruised and blood poured from his nose. You finally reply "Because karma favored me for not peeping on the girls" Issei just stared at you and grinned "This beating was totally worth it" you just smile.

{Back to the present}

Issei shuddered and looked at you before saying "No I haven't forgotten that beating but peeping on the girls outweighs getting the snot beat out of me." You chuckle as Issei looks through the peep hole again. And once a again you hear the familiar shriek and say "Here we go again" and get a head start. "Hey wait for me bro" Issei says as he starts to run only to be yanked back by the angry swim team.

{Another beating later}

Your sitting at the base of the tree with your eyes closed waiting for Issei. After some time you hear footsteps and look up to see a bruised and bleeding Issei. "Was it still worth it?" You ask. "Totally because I saw a nipple!" Issei replies happily and you both burst out laughing.

(Issei's POV)
After me and (Male Name) finished laughing our butts off we started walking around school property, we eventually find some shade under a tree near one of the buildings. And so we both sat down and started talking about random things like food, sleep, video games and girls, my personal favorite. As we sat there we thought someone was watching us and so we both looked to see a girl with the most beautiful red hair we've ever seen.

(Your POV)
You and Issei just stared at her and she stared back. It stayed like that for a minute then she left, that gorgeous red hair following her. You were in a trance even after she left you thought about her then you heard Issei start giggling. You looked over and asked "What are you giggling about?" Issei replied by saying "Did you see the bazookas on her!" You stared at him for a full three seconds then burst laughing. But you had to admit she could kill with those things. You looked up only to see Issei grinning at you again. You smiled

(3rd person POV)
you and Issei both stood up and bro hugged each other and started walking home but unknown to you a certain red head was watching.
Yeah part 1 is complete and sorry if the link doesn't work. And sorry if it sucks. Have a nice day mates

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