The Hitjob

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I got up to leave when Sal stopped me. "Where are you going Finn". "Uh home" " sit down"said Sal. He stared at me intently he seemed to try reading my thoughts but failed. "Finn you owe me a favor". Hr said staring into my cold black eyes."what would that be Sal". He opened his drawer and pulled out a glock."wha what are you doin mr Deluca". "I need someone gone Finn forever". He couldn't possibly have me kill someone could he. "You want me to kill someone" I heard the fear in my voice. "Do this finn than your problem will be gone". I couldn't stop looking at the gun. I would do anything for my debt to be gone but murder its a serious felony I could fie by electric chair. "Ok Sal ill do it.

I meet this guy at 10 pm tonight apparently he sold out a couple of Sals men. I kiss my wife goodbye and hug my son. Almost to the ally where I meet him...and kill him. There he was a tall Caucasian man in a bowler hat and trench coat. "You Finn" he had ruff and raspy voice."yeah you got the package for Mr Deluca". "Yeah a shipment of m1911s everything seems in order" he said in a sour tone." Thats great" I pull out my 44.magnum revolver square In the chest and fired.

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