CHAPTER 3 - guardian

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I was walking in the hall way , thinking about Veronica's beautiful face when someone grab my arm.It was Ethan , my cousin.He's with Alex- a vampire from a noble clan of Obrien.Both have serious look in their face.

"They're here" - ethan said with a cautious tone.I saw alex scanning the vicinity area as if someone's following a trail on us.

"Who?" i asked.I dont have any clue of what he is talking about.

"The guardians , they are here" he answered.

"What?! how many are they?"  

"I think there are five. Two women and Three men.Each have enormous aura so we have to be alert and focus to conceal our presence" 

"They are gone" - we both look at ALex.

"Gone?" i asked trying to confirm.

He nodded" seems they are looking for someone but they already leave" he said.

"Did you hear something from them ? or anything that will help?" 

"Yes, i overheard their conversation, it's like they are talking about a girl " he said. Ethan's attention were draw to alex.

"Did you hear the girl's name? i think it'll be a big help for us to know what they are up to " ethan said .

"I think it's Veronica.Yes ! It's veronica i dont know what her last name is but im sure it's veronica.It's clear in my mind" alex said

That hit me. I hope it's not her but what will i do if she was? i shook my head to clear my mind. I look at them both " Leave this to me. You can go now" i demanded. I saw ethan throwing a sharp look in me , " Stop reading my mind  ethan. It's useless" i warned him.He has the ability to read a persons mind and so am i.

"Im sorry. Im just curious" he said and leave. I release a deep sigh and grab my phone in my pocket. Dial Chris's number.

"Are you with the gang?"

"Yes , we're heading back to our classroom.Wait dude ! you're not -----" - i cut the call and leave. I have to know who the hell is Veronica.


"You're late AGAIN ! Impailer !" Mr. Vergara said.


"Just sit your ass next to Miss Scoutch and keep your mouth shut " he yelled and started what he was discussing.

What the hell !? this is a perfect timing. I looked at her woth a surprise look but she just stare at me and shiffted her glance to her book.I smile

"Oh hi ! this is unexpected! you're the same class as mine but how come i dont remember your gorgeous face?" i sadi in a flirty tone. Well flirting and teasing her is fun. I can saw Chris's face with a - go for it dude ! that's a hot babe for you-look.

"Not so fast for you Mister. Im new here so please dont flirt with me just because you drove me here" she said and give me her sweetest smile. I chuckled. She's really something. I can feel it.

The whole Class was boring , All i think is about the guardians that came here hours ago. I wonder what they want with Veronica. When i noticed that she's going to leave i grab her arms making her stopped and to face me.

"What do you want from her?" a blonde girl asked me. I think she's veronica's friend.

"I just want to talk to your friend about something " i said and looked at veronica's eyes " if she wont mind"

"Fine ! just 3o minutes " veronica said and shiffted her glance to her blonde friend " katara just wait for me in the library okay?"

" okay ! just text me if there's a " her friend pused and look at me " problem" before she goes out the room and leave.

I walk her back to our classroom.There's no one in there so we can talk about it privarely.

"Now talk " she said with a bored look in her face.

"Who are you?" i asked her full of curiousity. I saw a smile curl in her lips. I smirl i find it seductive.

"Im veronica , did i already teel you what my name is?!" - she said. I can say that she's annoyed because of her face. I chuckled. She's real adorable.

"Well , I want to know more than that. Who are you veronica?" i asked her. Now in a serioes face.

:Are you some kind of CIA agent? trying to investigate me?" - she laughed " look tristan , i dont want to be rude here but seriously i have no business with you so better let go of me because i have something urgent to do with my besfriend."

Veronica's POV

What the hell is his problem?! I only met him today in the street and he keeps on bothering me. Yes , i find him attractive but i just want to avoid conflicts . I want to have  fresh start here in California with my parents because honestly last year was worst. It's painful that i dont want to think about it again. I know he's dangerous  because he's filthy rich and powerful. I dont want to mess with him. Well not thar i stalked his profile but he is pretty famous in this school. Every girl here talks about him, A LOT ! and now we're here inside the classroom asking me of who i am . Like seriously?

"Are you some kind of CIA agent ? trying to investigate me? "  i laughed " look tristan , i dont ant to be rude here but seriously i have no business with yoy so better let go of me because i have something urgent to do with my bestfriend" - i said while looking in his ashbrown eyes. It's true Me and katara are planning to look for a part time job and here he was  ruining my schedule. I saw him smirk and walk closer towards me. 

Now im trapped.

My back instincly leaned against the wall.What the hell is he doing? He place his palm on the wall beside my head and lean in, crowding me.I watch him in disbelief as he made the move.He was close, way too close. Sh*t ! i can feel my heart beating crazy ! i wonder if he hears it.

He caught my gaze and locked eyes with me."Well, i have business with you Veronica"  my body stiffened as i feel his breath on my neck.

Oh god ! please control your heartbeat Veronica !

"w--well i already told you ! im veronica ! that's it so can you please let go of me?" - i begged him. I saw his face softened but his gaze were locked on my lips.

Oh damn !  dont tell me he's going to kiss me?

"I want to kiss you , can i? " his voice was husky. Damn ! how can he make me feel like this? 


"just a taste," he whispered and then he claimed my lips. wrapped my bottom lip with his, coaxing me to respond.

"kiss me Veronica " he commanded. And then he wrapped his arm around my waist , pulling me against his body while his other hand cupped the back of my neck challenging me to kiss him back.

I gasped as he grabbed a fistful of my hair , hungrily taking my mouth.His kiss turned desperate as if he couldnt get enough. I dont know what hit me as i kissed him back.

The world became blur. It's like it's just the two of us.

"Dude there was-----"

that voiced waked me.It's his friend.

"No ! " i protested against his lips , my palm flattening against his chest trying to push him away.He let me go. We're both panting.


"Don't ! just please let me go Tristan" i said and ran away out of the room. Ignoring he's shocked friend.I had never been kissed like that in my whole life. I was shaking.

Oh god ! what did i've done?

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