So people I'm really bad making this story sound dirty. So I thank you for still liking what I tho I freaking suck. Love ya


He keep kept thrusting and thrusting his fingers into me. By now my head was thrown back arching my back as loud moans and gasp escape from my mouth. He finally took his fingers out just when I was about to cum. I take a deep breathe. Harry licks his fingers then starts to message my breasts. One by one he places small kisses all over them. He then comes back up and stares into my eyes. He's eyes looked like a mix of blue or green filled with lust, hunger, and passion. I have wanted him in me so badly I was also feeling more in love with this boy. I knew I shouldn't get close to him when he's just using me as a toy. He slowly comes towards me and kisses me in the lips. "Dont forget you've still been a bad girl and bad girls get punished. But if you can be
Daddy's little princess and suck his d*ck then you won't have to be punished today" he says eying my body then looking me straight in the eyes. I got sacred cause I've never sucked d*ck before. And I never wanted to.
I stood there looking down, I really didn't want to do this but still I didn't want to be punished even more. Two minutes went by and I could tell Harry was pissed. He pushes me onto the shower wall and pounds himself into me. I scream at the pain. He was way to big, he had my back on the cold shower wall which made it more uncomfortable. "Scream from this and your punishment will just get worse" he groans in my ear. He thirst harder and faster into me, I try to hold back my tears not wanting him to hurt me more cause I was crying.

After a while he starts to slow down and kisses me slowly on my lips. At this point the pain turns into pleasure. I start to kiss him back as I hear him moan and groan my name. I start moan his name as well and feel him smirk. He then starts to thrust harder into me and I can't help but moan. " D-Daddy" I moan making him go faster and faster. "Come on princess cum for Daddy" he goans and I cum all over him with those words.
We then both get out of the shower and I follow him towards one if the rooms. It was painted pink and black with a huge king bed with my name on one of the pillows. The room was way bigger than my room back home. On the bed was a shirt with a bra and pantie set. Harry walks over to the bed and hands me the clothes. "Put this on and when your done come in my room" he says with a smirk and leaving the room. I quickly put on the clothes since Harry doesn't have to wait. The shirt had to be one of his because it was way to big for me. But I didn't mind it. When I was done I walk out of the room to find Harry's. I didn't know which one was which until I saw him laying on his bed looking at his phone. I start to walk over to his bed where he can notice me. He then gets off his phone and looks at my body. His bottom lip goes in between his teeth as he smirks. "Lay down next to Daddy" he says getting under the covers and I start to too. I lay next to him as he wraps his arms around my body and put's his face in between my neck. I lay there listening to his soft snores, his arms were still wrapped around me. I felt safe in his arms, they were like a piece of heaven on earth. I started falling asleep, I know your average kidnapper is not supposed to care but Harry isn't a kidnapper he's caring. Maybe he didn't mean to kidnap me maybe he needs me

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