The games were about to commence.

These weren't board games, trivia games, sports games, or even game shows.

They were like the Olympic Games, however.

Except the winner didn't get a gold medal. The winner got the position of being the beta of the pack.

The beta was the second in command. The Vice President, in layman terms.

The beta would be the one to step in if the alpha was gravely ill, away or dead. Very much like a Vice President would if the President died or grew ill to the point he was incapacitated.

However, the responsibilities obviously differ. The beta has much more responsibilities than the Vice President of the United States does. 

The beta had the responsibility of training the wolves. The likelihood of a war or battle ensuing was minimal but that didn't mean the necessity of training became obsolete. The beta was in charge of the armies and their training.

The alpha was the commander in chief and lead them in the fight but the alpha wasn't the one who did the actual training. The beta was in charge of training those who were to patrol the borders, protect the pack, defend the alpha and his family, and the beta was the one who essentially came up with those strategies.

The beta also had the power to overthrow the alpha if he or she abused their power and take their place. They had the clause of being able to challenge the alpha to a fight to the death, or to the less extreme, or until the other submits.

Historically, there haven't been very many cases where that has occurred but there have been exceptions to the rule.

That was what was occurring today, they were finding who would be the beta of the Firestone pack.

Justin didn't get to pick a friend. He determined a winner. He chose the greatest contender.

Zayn had gone through this over a year ago. And the one who was worthy of being called the beta of the Silverstone Pack was Augustine.

Augustine was older than Zayn but had waited all his life to have the opportunity to compete for the position. He wasn't born an alpha but being a beta or the gamma was the next best thing.

So Zayn knew exactly how these games would go.

They would test for strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, strategy, speed, and intelligence. They would be measuring their leadership skills, communication skills, the ability to shift on the fly, the capability to swim, climb, jump, pounce, hunt and even camouflage.

They would test the human as much as they would test the wolf.

It was exactly like the Olympics. It tested the mind, body and spirit.

Justin was especially looking forward to watching the events.

His mother's beta Stewart was hosting the games and organized them himself.

It was Sunday so the majority of the pack would be watching the event so they could very well meet their new beta.

Anybody could compete as long as they met the minimum age requirement of nineteen. The majority of those who competed for the position were well into their twenties.

There would be judges of course. Justin wasn't responsible for keeping score. He was just there to instill order and to watch the prospects.

He was the one who gave those fighting for the title the motivation to keep going and to fight harder. They wanted the honor of serving their alpha in such an important position.

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