Glimmer doesn't shine

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Glimmer punches Peeta right in the nose, and he falls backwards. Peeta does not fight back. Instead, he lets her hit him, knowing he cannot hit a girl.  He is about to accept another blow when I step in front of him. Glimmer punches me right in the face, andI feel surging pain in my left cheek. I see Glimmer's friends pull her off of me, and the rest is darkness.

3 hours later

I see a blinding white light. I look around as I start to regain vision. I am at the hospital. I look to my right and see Peeta. "Peeta!" I somehow get out of my mouth. "Katniss! You're awake!"

I see a bruise on his chin and ask him what happened. "Oh I'm fine, you should see yourself! You need to rest." I get a better look at him and notice his eyelashes, which are hard to see because they are blonde. They are long and beautiful.

Why am I thinking this! I should be talking to my family who I just realized are all in the waiting room. I motion over to the waiting room and Peeta comes back with all of my family. They are so happy to see me awake.

I talk to all of them and soon the doctor walks in. "Katniss has suffered from a jaw dislocation and we have to perform surgery  tonight." He explains. I gasp. Surgery.

"She lost consciousness from the pain." My family says they need to wash up and eat and they'll see me when my surgery is over, but Peeta stays. I ask him why he doesn't leave and he just says," I wouldn't do that to a friend."

I just nod. We are only friends and will never be anything more than friends. And with that, a silent tear escapes.

Aww poor everlark fans watching Katniss suffer from the friend zone. Anyway this is an everlark story so you know what comes next! Bye! If there are any mistakes let me know!

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