I moved in

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My name is zack and this is about me and Hazel."Zack come on it's time to go" mom yelled out "coming". We where just leaving to move to out new house my dad got a new job so we have to move closer I was only 9 at the time so it didint matter to me.I woke up to the car stopping,I looked out the window to my new house I got out and looked around I saw a little girl playing out side alone she got up and started to run over to me I stared to walk faster to my front door to try to get away.She came over and started to talk to me I turned away and tried to run she turned and grabbed my hand
right then my mom came out "what's going on Zack who's your new friend" no one and she's not my friend I replied I released my hand and ran behind my mom she came up and shaked my moms hand "my name is Hazel" she said with a big smile.

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