Chapter 3: Every One Has A Bad Side

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What seemed like forever we woke up. It was dark, I couldn't see a thing. I don't know where I am or what I got myself into. I screamed for help. Then suddenly a mask got pulled of of my head. "Goddammit can you shut up!" Cameron said.
"Look if you keep calm we will hurt you, and if you don't keep calm we will hurt you" I looked around it was an old warehouse. "Where is everyone!" "Shut up!, I told you-- he put the mask over my head again--" All I hear are doors opening, guns loading, and more chairs being pulled in ( I think they were my friends ).

My mask was pulled off once more, and all my friends mask were off. "Well ladies
, guess what, now you are here. Alone. No one is near here miles and miles to find a house. So don't even bother escaping. You trusted us I guess, and now you are here. Remember everyone has a bad side.

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