There talk.

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I'm making this a REYTON book now! I realized that Rowan and Peyton look better together!

NAH JK! I LOVE Peybrina! Reyton isn't real, just sayin, but anyways!
I just wanted to say that, I will be getting so much more detailed as to everything and I hope that you LOVE IT!
Anyway this is a chapter that you must prepare you're minds for! So  brace yourselves!

~Rowan point of view ~
I'm awake.
No my eyes aren't open but my mind is running.
I open my eyes slowly and yawn.
I take a small moment to look up at my ceiling in my room, oh wait the room I share with Sabrina!
Her stuff is all over the place, wow, she's usually organized, this is kinda weird but whatever.

I'm still mad at her, but I have every right to be! Am I right?!
I sit up and see that she's not there.
I shrug to myself and grab my phone to see that it's already 11am.

I gasp silently and get up, pick out some clothes and then take a shower.
After my shower I quickly get ready.

I step out of my room and into the kitchen I go.
"Morning." I say to the boys, there sitting down on the counter eating blueberry pancakes, oh no they make these only when there's bad news because they know I love them.

"Good morning." They all say slowly.
I then realize Sabrina isn't here, her car keys aren't in there usual spot.

"So blueberry pancakes, huh?" I ask as I open the fridge and grab some orange juice.

"Yeah." Jake sighs
"So what's the news?" I ask as I serve myself some orange juice.
"Eat first then we'll tell you." Corey says, Peyton and Jake nod in agreement.
"Okay..." I say slowly.
Wow this is weird.
Corey looks kinda sad, Peyton looks pissed and sad, meanwhile Jake has a blank expression on his face.

I look at them weirdly and they serve me some pancakes.
I thank them and dig in.
As I eat, they just look at me.
What the hell is happening?!
I look down at my plate and realize, I already finished.
I put it in the sink. And then turn to look at them.

"So what's up?" I asks
"Well um..." Corey start
"See, well...." Jake stuttered
"Sabrina moved out!" Peyton blurted
"WHAT?!!!" I said with my eyes bolting out of my head.
End of chapter

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