Death God

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Death and alezael both entered the grocery store and got a gallon of milk along with eggs, cheddar Cheese, and turkey ham.

"Tell me alezael, why do you love me?" he said, looking forward.

"I actually don't know" she looked down as if trying to find the answer.

"Good." he smiled warmly at her

"Why did you ask?" she interrogated

"Love without reason, is real love. Love with a reason, is merely admiration"

She blushed a deep crimson

"...You're wise"

She looked away to hide her blush

He chuckled "im not wise at all"

"Well what you said just now was pretty deep" she squeezed his hand

They arrived at Death's house and she crashed onto his couch.

"Ya wanna watch t.v. or something?" she invited

"I'll be there in a second" he said while putting the eggs in the fridge

He finishes putting the groceries in the fridge and shuts the fridge door.

He walks over and lays down next to her.

"Horror movie?" she asks

"Sure" he said, turning off the lights

~Time skip~

Half way into the movie Alezael was shaking and hiding behind a blanket she got from death's room. Death was unaffected by the jumpscares and demons that appeared on the screen, he didn't even flinch.

Alezael scooted closer to him and layed her head against his chest. There was a faint sound. It didn't sound like a normal heart beat. It sounded like a rusty old heart waiting to die any second. She looked at the spot where a heart would normally be. The left side of the chest. But the sound didn't come from there. It came from the center of his chest.

He looked at her quizzically "you ok?" he asked out of curiosity.

"Yeah.." she whispered.

She listened to his heartbeat throughout the movie and for some reason, it calmed her down. She felt at ease when she heard the faint sound.

"Hey death?.." she said as some random chick got chainsawed on the screen.


"What are you exactly?" she stared curiosly into his dark brown orbs.

Death was silent for a moment.

"...are you sure you want to know?" he asked concerned.

She nodded.

Death paused the movie and faced her.

"I'm a creature with no purpose other than to collect the souls of the dead. That's the short version."

"I want to know the long version." she declared


"I am a being forged by the forbidden love between a demon queen and an archangel, i dont have an actual species but my mother calls me a 'Nephilim' apparently i'm half angel and half demon. I am extremely tough to harm and as you know i'm 'immortal' but to be honest, i can be killed, but it takes a lot to even create a cut on my skin so the term 'immortal' has been used on me a lot"

She looked at him in awe

"Half and half?" she muttered


She blushed a deep crimson

"I cant believe my boyfriend is death himself!!!!!" she squealed

He looked at her puzzled

"Sorry. I couldn't hold it in."

"You're so adorable" he said whilst hugging her tighter.

She blushed the darkest shade of red possible.

They both sat there enjoying each others company and when the movie was over he got up and turned on the lights.

"I can see now!" Alezael yelled

"A nephilim can see in the dark, so i was always able to se-"

Right then and there a glowing red arrow was shot through the window and pierced Death's chest making him stumble back, but he didn't fall.

"Death!!!" alezael said rushing to his aid.

"GET DOWN!!!" he commanded

She dropped to the floor out of instinct.

It rained hundreds of arrows and death's body was consumed by them.

The arrows were velvet red and had an aura around them.

Alezael had never seen anything actually pierce death's supposedly "indestructible" skin. She was beyond scared.

*knock knock*

"Can i come in?" a really high pitch voice asks.

Suddenly the door swings open. "I'll just make myself at home~" a girl wearing a red leather jacket walked in carrying a bow, but for some reason her quiver was empty...

"Who the fuck are you??" questioned Alezael standing, ready to fight.

"Me? I'm-"

"Cupid" said death whilst pulling an arrow out.

When he took one out, the arrow would dissipate into thin air, and the hole where it pierced closed almost instantaneously.

"You've always been immune to my love arrows. haven't you death?"

"Well i dont have feelings for Yeah. I am immune" He says as He takes out the last one.

"You're lucky you're technically a God and i can't affect them. Cause if my arrows actually did something to you. You'd already be mine."
Cupid said as she put her bow away.

Alezael was both confused and pissed off.

"Nephilim are Gods?" she asked.

"Yes honey~if you put a demon and an angel together, then the offspring will be stronger than both angels and demons making it a God."

'don't call me "honey"' alezael said in her mind.

Cupid was really getting on alezaels nerves.

"Why are you here any way?" death asks while getting up.

Cupid turned to him, wearing a seductive smile.

"I felt something change. The air became sweeter~"

Death looked at her bewildered.

"What do you mean?"

Cupid began to laugh insanely.


Death began to feel irritated.

"Tell me!!!" he said, pushing her against a wall

"Oooooo. So aggressive~ i find that attractive in a man." she said while caressing his cheek.

He grabbed her hand and squeezed tightly.

"Tell me!"

She laughed insanely again.

"Every one knows you feel love, death. And that means...every girl who has ever had a crush on coming for you..."

Alezael grabbed his arm, and squeezed it.

"You're mine." she said with a deranged look on her face.

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