¡†¡ Chapter I [pt.2] ¡†¡

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The Beggining Of The Maiden's Awakening
Chapter I - Part 2 •

'Another case...

Dear my loyal Ciel,

Its been almost three months since the last case that I leave to you was finished.Once again,there was peace in england.But,recently...We have receive letters from a far village.It is said that a catastrophe is currently happening.Details are not clear but we'll surely take it to you for a certain item is what we only receive.A part of the Scotland yards are currently taking care of this matter,but unfortunately...neither them could find any clues,only that item.Now,you are assigned to investigate this case.Fulfill this task as soon as possible.Do anything as you wish,as the long as its necessary but do no harm to others.
...And also,the item will be delivered on you shortly.I hope it'll be a help,even in the slightest bit.And please...Burn this letter as soon as you read this.

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