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WE ALL KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN OK XDDD anyways, im getting to the requests but ugh...moTIVE?! WHERE ARE YOU!? also you should totally listen to the song as you read!! anyways i hope you like the usuk!

Today was Arthur and Alfred's five year anniversary. Of dating of course. Anyways, Arthur was really excited today and thought of how he would spend his night with his beloved boyfriend, but after awhile of sitting alone watching T.V. he thought Alfred had just completely forgotten about their dinner plans for the night.

But this wasn't because Al hadn't said "happy anniversary babe" or "hey Artie guess what day it is!?" No, it was because he was out with Russia, China, France, and...that one blonde kid....Matthew was it? (i am not sorry XD) Anyways, he was out all day with them since two o'clock and it was six at the moment. They had reservations at four pm but it had already expired.

Alfred hadn't even respond to Arthur's calls or text messages.

Arthur sighed and looked down at his watch,"damn him...doesn't he ever watch the time?" Arthur started thinking about the situation more, which only made him feel worse. He just wanted to be at dinner, with Alfred. He wanted to sit across from him and stare into the crystal blue eyes he's loved for God knows how long. He wanted to talk about each other and bond more. Just be with each other.

But no, he was out with the other allies probably getting drunk, talking about economy and government yadda, yadda, yadda, not even wasting a second to think about England.

As soon as the brit thought about going out and getting drunk himself, the front door opened, revealing the tall american. He had his jacket in one hand and his car keys in the other. He placed the items on the kitchen counter and closed the front door. Arthur smiled softly knowing his lover was finally back, but was reminded of how long he was gone. He walked up to Al," 'ello you realize how long you were out...?" The taller blonde sighed,"yeah I know dear...I'm sorry", he said looking down at Arthur sadly. Arthur felt bad for acting selfish and leaned up, pecking Alfred's lips,"it's fine...but our reservations our definitely out of the question", Arthur said fixing Al's collar. "Mhmm...figured as much...they weren't cheap either..", America said rolling his eyes.

"oh well...that's what happens when you don't watch the time Al", Arthur cocked an eyebrow. Alfred smiled,"well I had somewhere else in mind anyways...come on, get on your shoes i'm taking you somewhere." Arthur was confused but excited at the same time and did as he was told.

As Alfred drove down the road Arthur looked out the window taking in the nice pretty fields that swayed gently from the nice cool summer breeze. Al parked the car near an isolated, grassy, hill side wear a few flowers grew, they were a light purple and swayed with the wind. Arthur looked over to his boyfriend,"why did we stop here love?" Al only smirked,"you'll find out"

Arthur and Alfred got out of the car. Al took hold of Arthur's hand and led him up the hill. Once they got to the top, and over to the other side of the hill, Al sat down and motioned to Artie for him to sit next to him. Arthur smiled and sat down in the grass next to his lover. The sky turned from a orange-pink sky, to a dark blueish sky. The area was deserted so there was nothing but simple street lights that lit the area behind them, but since they were on the other side, nothing could disrupt the beautiful sight of constellations, clusters, twinkling stars in the night sky. Alfred pulled his beloved Arthur closer, making Artie lean his head on Al's shoulder.

"how...", Arthur mumbled. Alfred looked down at him,"'how' what?", Al asked. Arthur looked in front of him, leaning into Al, enjoying the warmth he had. "how...", he began," how did I ever get you. How has this lasted longer than the others. How did we even become so important to one another. I don't know, nor understand....but..", he had a few tears stream down his face. "...I don't really care if I understand or know...I can care less about all that Al. All I can really think about is you. I know its a bit 'cheesy' but I love you...and i'm just glad you have stuck with me, even after...", he paused and wiped his tear streaked face. "Even after the war...I don't deserve to have you back really, I had done a lot and you were right, I should have let you go without stopping you. I know it's a bit late but i'm sorry. And thank you..", he choked out the last part. Al himself was close to tears. He meant that much to England? He never knew how much Artie had thought about him, even if they were together, he still couldn't take in the concept of how much Artie loved him. He only really knew how much he, himself, had loved Arthur, and he was going to prove it.

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