Ch. 1|Aladdin?

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No one's POV

"Aladdin?" A mehish height woman glanced up from her book and looked at the blue-haired boy. Her long  midnight-like black braided hair wrapped around her body as she stood up and made her way to the boy.

She smiled as he snores softly.

She bent down and gently picked him up and placed him on the bed and covered him with a blanket.

"Goodnight, Aladdin."

She kissed his forehead and fiddled with her Dijjin accessories then tapped her earring. The woman sighed.

She had been born into this world by the rukh much like the Magi except, the protector of Magi. She had just the luck to be with a child.

Luckily, Yunan or Judal did not know of her existence.

She was currently raising this 3 year-old with Ugo.

A Magi Protector can do whatever they wish. Unless it involves the harm of the Magi, they can either choose to do or not to do. Magi Protectors, to protect they have the power of many many Magi. They are allowed to harm other Magi besides their assigned person. Tis their choice whether the Magi they raise to be good or bad, maybe neither.


Kuro's POV

I huffed as I watched Aladdin jump in the caravan area.

"Aladdin! Get back here!" I shouted as I sprinted towards his fleeting figure. I cursed at him for being so small.

"What the fuck!"

'Who the hell said that?'

I neared the wagon and peeked inside.

Aladdin was on the floor with a melon stuffed in his mouth and a blonde teenager?? Was in front of him freaking out.

'Slave? Nah, he has decent clothes. He's a worker.'


"Alibaba! How is it going!" A large, burly, fat man called out behind me. I immediately turned around.

"E-etto! Doing good!" Instead of the man facing 'Alibaba' his eyes scanned me up and down doing a double take.

'Perverts. Perverts everywhere.'

I scowled slightly. The man then began to make eye contact with me and blushed heavily.

I faked a smile and slowly inched my way towards Aladdin.

"What is a lady like you doing here?"

"Ah, gomen my little brother had ran this way and I am currently looking for him."

"Oh ok. Good luck." The fatass said inching his way towards the cart which held Aladdin.

For some random reason I made eye contact with the blonde in which we could see both of our horrified faces.


But low and behold the little blue smurf decided to jump right into the pervert's chest.

"How come you have boobs even though you're a man? I just love the-"

I slammed my fist on his head and sighed. I expected to be shouted out but the blonde was taking the blame.

I looked at him and mouthed 'Gomen'. He sighed and nodded.


"She's a slave huh." Alibaba said.

The maroon haired girl began to blush trying to pull down her dress to hide her shackles.

Kuro then began to walk up to the girl and smashed her bare foot on the chains. It made a cracking sound like when you pop your fingers. When Kuro realized that people were watching she blushed instead and began to help the really pretty girl.

The slave could only look at her in surprise because no one had ever helped her before.

I'm gonna apologize but the next chapter will take place after Alibaba had conquered the dungeon because we all know what happens ok. And I also have plans ;)))))))

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