chapter 2

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The picture is of what dark is going to be wearing.

3rd person

'Holy fucking Jesus is that Dark Link!?' You ask yourself. You just sat there staring at the video game character that stood in front of me.
"Are you going to keep staring at me or are you going to tell me your name pretty boy?" Dark says with a wink.
"I...uh." you tried with all your might to get the words out but nothing happened. 'Why am i like this right now?! What is he doing to me!?'
"So i left you speechless huh. That's funny." He says with a chuckle.
"What the fuck are you doing in my room!? Your suppose to be in the fucking video game!? Oh Jesus did b/n (brothers name if you don't have a brother then pretend you do) drug my food again?" Dark just raises a brow and chuckles.
"Don't worry you weren't drugged or anything. Gannon just banished me from the game so now I'm stuck in your world forever. So you think i can crash here i have no where else to go and i don't want to have to go through the trouble of looking for a place to stay for all you know i could end up in a fangirls house and you can leave your imagination to work on the rest." He says with a lopsided smile.
Don't do it y/n its a trap. Maybe but damn is he cute when he does that face not to mention the fact that he's already hot. Just imagine what he would look like under.... Stop brain! Don't think of that! Bad brain bad! (Hehe if you don't already have a dirty mind then your going to have a dirty mind in the story)
"Uh i don't know how my mom would feel about it but i guess you could stay." You say as a blush crosses your face. Some dirty thoughts still remaining in your not so innocent head.
"Sweet!" Dark says excitedly.
"Um so can you make it so you don't look like you because if my mom sees you like this she may have a heart attack. She knows what you look like because I'm always playing my Legend of Zelda games."
"Ya sure." Dark Link snaps his fingers and now he's wearing black skinny jeans, a black beanie and a black button up long sleeve shirt that had some strips and a skull and chain on it. (Just look at the picture. Its really hard to explain the shirt) When the mist faded and you saw what Dark had on you couldn't help but stare. A knock on your bedroom door made you snap out of your daze and realize you were drooling.
"Y/n? Sweetheart are you OK in there i heard you talking to someone."
"Oh ya I'm fine mom i forgot to tell you that i brought a friend over." Your door opened and your mom peeked her head in. She smiled as she opened the door all the way so she could meet Dark.
"Hi I'm m/n, y/n's mom."
"Hello ma'am I'm Derek. Its nice to meet you."( i couldn't come up with any other names and your mom doesn't know he's dark link so shush)
"Oh you are such a sweetheart! You see y/n doesn't usually have friends over so its nice to know that he does have friends." Your mother squealed happily.
"Oh mom Derek was wondering if he could stay with us? You see his parents kicked him out after he had told them he was gay so he has no where to go." A sad look crosses your mothers face and it starts to look like she's going to cry.
"Of course he can stay! You poor thing your own parents disowning you because you don't like the opposite sex. I would never do that to my child." You mom pulls Dark into a tight hug and because he isn't use to this kind of contact he hesitantly wraps his own arms around your mom.
"Oh and we don't have an extra room so you and y/n will have to share a room." Dark nods as he's released. Your mom gives you two one last smile before she leaves the room and closes the door behind her.

*time skip brought to you by the fabulous Ghirahim*

You sent Dark to go take shower and lent him some clothes until you could buy him some. While he was showering you stripped down to your boxers and crawled into bed. Just as you closed your eyes you felt the weight of another body on your stomach.
"Get off you faty." You choked out with a soft chuckle. You opened your eyes to see Dark lying on your stomach giving you puppy dog eyes with his bottom lip poked out in a pout. You huffed loudly as you gave into the look he was giving you.
"Fine you can stay but don't you dare try anything or else you my fine sir will be in the dog house literally."
"Don't worry i won't try anything that you won't like." He says with a suggestive wink. You just about choked on air after he said that. But just as you were about to open your mouth to say something he nuzzles into your stomach and falls asleep. You smiled softly as sleep took over.

Sup people, Lullaby here! Sorry i haven't updated for awhile I've been really stressed out lately with school so haven't had anytime to do any updating. But hey I'm back with another chapter and i hope you like it. Oh and as you can tell in this chapter Dark is getting really flirty so something might happen within the next chapter or two!
Sweet dreams my little nightmares.


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