"It's so cold."

"I know, it's weird."

"I'm tired!"

"Bitch, me too," Ash grumbled and Clark elbowed him in return. Rude.Resisting Clark's endless bickering, Ash kept going, stumbling on the rocky pavement, ignoring Clark's dramatic sigh.

"Talk me through the plan again?Cause honestly, these feet cannot take much more walking, not all of us are built to run like you and this plan has to be one of your worse one, yet, and-"

"Clark, my love," said Ash, sounding already done with the argument. "The plan is based on being quiet and sneaky. So, please shut up. It's simple; we find Stiles, we don't let him see us, we make a noise and scare him off. He doesn't get bitten and die, the end."

It was real simple, at least it sounded so simple in Ash's head at that night. There was two options, after all. (a) This was all his imaginations. He had written about creatures and their tales as long as he could remember, that must've gotten into his head. With the added stress of moving towns, his parents changing jobs, Clark's parents getting divorce-yeah. He must have been stressed too much, enough to get a bit paranoid. (b) Running into a boy named Stiles right next to a boy who just looked like his main character, Scott McCall, couldn't have been a coincidence. Ash always had a spiritual side and keeping an open mid was the key. If his instinct was right, he would save Stiles and maybe prevent Scott from changing.

Both was a win-win on the side. Either he would take a night walk with his best friend and return home before sunrise or save a life.There was option c though. Ash didn't know back then. Was too careless, back then. Back then, he didn't know then,sometimes faith wanted to happen. That night someone had to turn into a werewolf and someone had to die from the bite.Back then Ash didn't know saving Stiles meant killing Clark.


"I didn't know, I didn't know, I didn't know-"

The memory of Clark's face getting paler with every tic of the clock. The memory of holding him in his arms, dragging him back to the car, crying, it hurts so much, driving back to the hospital, oh god I didn't even got my license yet, doctor are rushing, Clark is slipping through his finger, I killed him.

Ash wrote what The Nogitsune wanted after that particular memory being played over and over again. To make him stop. To make the monster stop, he gritted his teeth and snatched a pen and paper from his hands and started writing about the devil's next move.Ash was only clarifying the fact that his plan was gonna go smooth, without a hitch. It made him feel sick that he was helping Nogitsune in a sense.

He was comforted by knowing from a fact that this was gonna be the end of him. Whatever Nogitsune did, he was going to lose. Ash kept that information to himself and played the role of the scared victim (oh he was scared indeed.) Pulled his legs to his chest and cried (they were partly real anyway.) and waited. Tried to focus. In between of the events was still blurry. Ash was constantly seeing death. In some scenarios Stiles died, sometimes a sword cut through the flesh of Scott or sometimes it was Isaac or Ethan. In some possibilities Lydia gave her last breath or Allison fell on the ground with grace. Sometimes more than one person lost their lives, he saw own death. It was certain that someone was bound to be their sacrifice, to defeat Nogitsune. He felt sick and cried harder, he wished it would be him.

His plan was sick and twisted, it made Ash's blood run cold in his veins. If he had to be true to himself though, he wasn't expecting anything less than gruesome and ruthless.Despite writing about it, and letting Nogitsune read about it, Ash almost fainted or threw up or did both when Notgitsune cut himself right open let tiny little bugs out of is body. (Not his! Stiles' body, fuck.) He did neither of these things but pulled himself together for Stiles and Scott and Malia and his dad and everyone else in this curse town.

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