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I turned around and saw DAN!?!?!?!? "D-Dan? Wha-what are you doing? I asked scared Is he the shapeshifter? No, he can't be! "Hahahahah!" Dan laughed as he started to turn into this creature "It's the shapeshifter!" Dipper said. I couldn't move at all! Then I saw a bush shake Oh no! Is is another monster!? "Emily!!" I heard Dan say as he came out from behind the bush "Dad! Help!" I yelled. Dan came fully out of the bush and I saw that he was holding a bat!? "Don't you dare hurt my little girl!!" Dan yelled as he started to whack the shapeshifter "What! Wait... Is that guy attacking the shapeshifter?" Ford asked coming out from behind a tree "First off, have you been following us? Second, That's my dad and yes, he is attacking it" I replied slightly creeped out. "Yes and your dad is a good fighter" Ford said as Dan had finally knocked the beast out, "Let's- let's go back-to the Mystery house thing" Dan said out of breath.

~~~~~At the Mystery Shack~~~~~

Dan sat at the table talking with Stan and Ford, while me, Mabel, and Dipper were watching Ducktective "Hey! I have a great idea!" Mabel said me and Dipper both said "What is it?" "You should sleepover again!" Mabel said bouncing up and down. "I'll ask Dan" I said getting up and walking to the kitchen. As I got to the doorway I heard them talking "Do you know who her real parents are?" I heard Ford say "Yeah, her parents are-" Dan replied leaning in and whispering the rest to Ford. Wait...he knows who my real parents are!? "That's impossible!" Ford said I couldn't take it anymore I walked into the room "Hey, uh Dan can I sleep over?" I asked "Wha- um yeah sure" He replied getting up "I should get back home and tell Carla that we're okay" he said started to the door "Be careful" he said as he closed the door behind him. "We will!" Me, Dipper, and Mabel said at the same time.

This one is so much better then what happened last time, in my opinion

- FandomGirl

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