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(Scooter's POV)
I woke to the sound someone knocking on my door. I slowly got up and walked down the hallway to the front door. Once it was unlocked, I opened the door. "Scooter! Honey, how are you?!"


"Yeah, now are you gonna let your mom inside?" She walks past me and sets her bag on the couch. "This is a nice apartment."

"Thanks mom."

"Yeah, it's really nice decorating."

"Well, I had some help from Aquantis."

"Oooh, how is she?"

"She's good."

"Awww, my baby's blushing!"

"What?! No, I'm not!"

"Hmhm...." I sighed and walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I take a drink from my water and walk back to the living room to find my mom sitting on the couch. I sit beside her and set my cup on the side table. "So mom, what brings you here?"

"I came to visit you for a little while since I knew I'd be in the area."


"So how is everything?"

"Everything's good. It feels better to live on my own."

"That's nice." The sound of knocking is heard again and I stand to go open the door for whoever is there. I open the door and find a little cuti- I mean Aquantis. "Hey Scooter."

"Hey, what's up?"

"Decided to come over and hang out since I have nothing to do."


"Yeah, are you gonna let me in or just stand there?" She chuckles and slips in past me. This feels like dejá vu. I close the door and lead Aquantis into the living room where my mom is. "So my mom is here." I whisper to her.


"Yep." I walk in front of her and sit on the couch arm rest and Aquantis stands beside me. "So, mom this is Aquantis, Aquantis this is my mom."

"Hi, Mrs. Jones, it's nice to meet you."

"Oh hun, just call me Sharon." Aquantis smiled her dimpled-smile at her and nodded. "So, Aquantis, anything new?" My mom asked her.

"Um, no not really....well I have been hanging out with Scooter a lot."

"Oh that's nice." My mom quickly glanced at me and sent that look. I rolled my eyes and was mentally thinking of banging my head against the wall. "Oh, I have a great idea, I should cook dinner for all of us!"

"Mom, we don't-"

"Oh, c'mon, you have to admit you miss my cooking." Ok, she wasn't wrong there.


"I'm gonna go see what I could make." She walked into the kitchen and I sighed and plopped onto the couch. I covered my eyes with my arm, then I felt the spot beside me dip. "Oh, c'mon Scooter, she's not that bad."

"Yeah, but she embarrasses me all the time."

"Hey! That's what mom's do and simply out of love."

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Make everything better."

"I don't know, people say I'm optimistic."

"Awwww, you're so cute!" I reached over and started pinching her cheeks and making baby noises at her. "Oh my gosh! Scooter!! Stop!!"

"But you're so adorable!" I felt her small hands grab my wrist and she tried to push me away. I chuckled and moved all my weight onto her. "Geez!! Can you get off? You weigh a ton."

"No, I don't and if I do it's pure muscle."

"Where?" I widened my eyes at her and she immediately started laughing. I heard a cough behind us and immediately let go of Aquantis. "Am I interrupting something?" I heard my mom's voice. I turned to look at her, a small smirk plastered on her face. "Uh, um, no." Aquantis calmed down and wiped her eyes. "Well, I'm going to the store to get some ingredients, but while I'm gone no funny business."


"I'll be back." Once the door closed, Aquantis looked at me and started laughing again. "Oh, you're so getting it, missy."

"Oh, what are you gonna do?" She said leaning in a bit.

"There once was a monster. What was his name...? Tickle Monster." I said smirking.

"You wouldn't."

"Oh, I would." I reached her sides and started tickling her. Her giggles erupting from her.

*time skip*

We both had stopped after she apologized for what she said. I had turned on the tv and she leaned against me as we watched Dancing With The Stars. A few of the couples danced already, a guy around our age or younger came out with his partner and Aquantis squealed. "Geez! What's up with you?" I said, looking down at her.

"It's Hayes!!!"


"You know, Hayes Grier. Nash Grier's brother."

"That's his brother?"

"Yeah, he's so cute!"

"What about me?"


"I'm not cute?" I pouted at her.

"I'm just kidding, you're adorable." She said, as she pinched my cheek a bit. The door opened and my mom came in with bags. "Hey, I'm back."

"Hey Sharon, need any help?"

"Sure, sweetie."

"Awesome." Aquantis got out of my grasp and I made a face at her. "Aquantis...." I whined.

"Chill, I'm just gonna help your mom cook, then after we eat we could cuddle some more."


"What?" I pointed to my cheek and she playfully rolled her eyes. She walked back over and pecked my cheek before joining my mom in the kitchen.

(Aquantis' POV)
After I washed my hands, I helped Sharon unload the items from the bags. "So, what are we making?"

"We're gonna make Scooter's favorite, stuffed chicken alfredo."

"Oh my gosh, that was like my favorite growing up."

"Wow, you two have something in common."

"Yeah, I guess we do." We continued cooking and I boiled the shells as she cooked the chicken. We continued preparing and you could already smell the food. "Mmm, something smells delicious." I heard from the kitchen entrance.

"Yeah, we're making your favorite what I used to cook for you at home."

"Thanks mom." I continued stuffing the shells and felt arms around my waist. "Thanks Aquantis."

"Yeah, no problem."

*time skip after dinner*

"Ahh, I'm stuffed." Scooter said, as he leaned back in his chair.

"Well you ate two plates." I said motioning to the pan which only had a little bit left. "That's true."

"Well, kids, I'm heading out now. Aquantis, it was nice seeing you."

"You too."

"Scooter, don't hurt this girl, she's something special." I smiled.

"I know, mom."

"Alright, bye, love you!"

"Love you too, mom!" The door closed and he quickly turned back to me. "We can go back to cuddling!"

"Not without cleaning the dishes and putting everything away." I smirked.

"What? But you-"

"I said it so you'd let me go help your mom, now let's go."

"Aww, fine."

Too cute.

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