Chapter Eight

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It was 10 past 11 and I was hunched over in the common room doing my essay due tomorrow for Potions. Why did Snape always set us so much homework? Thinking that my brain can't cope anymore with this madness, I set my quill down and sat there looking into the emerald green flames. Ever since Ella told me that she kind of regretted being in a relationship with Harry, my heart leapt a little. That was the only thing that kept me from punching Potter whenever I saw them two together.

I moaned in annoyance; why couldn't Ella just dump the stupid dick right now? It'll just make things less complicated for me, and for her. But even if Ella were to break up with him, how could I possibly have any chance with her? She was a Gryffindor, I was a Slytherin. We were polar opposites in fact, and I also couldn't risk ruining my reputation as Slytherin Prince.

Troubled with these thoughts, I started to pack up my quill and parchment. I figured that I'd just get some second year student to do it for me instead. As I reached the stairs to the boys dorms, I heard a sultry voice from behind me.

"Draco..." Pansy purred. Great, here comes the bitch. She was the reason why me and my best mate Blaise aren't on talking terms anymore, so I wasn't planning on playing nice any time soon.

"Leave me alone Pansy," I groaned, frustrated. "I have to get to sleep." I shot her a glare that I'd give to another other student when they piss me off, but it doesn't have the desired effect on Pansy. "Draky, come here. I want to play." She strutted towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck. Trying not to gag, I looked away from her pouting face and rolled my eyes in disgust. Can this girl take a break?

"Look, I don't want to 'play' Pansy, it's almost half past 11. Go to sleep." I retorted. However, Pansy just lifted a finger and tilted my face to meet hers. She batted her eyelashes and pushed her body even more firmer against mine. "Draco... I'm not tired. Lets playy..." I tried to shove her off, and shot her more dirty looks. Growling, I grabbed my bag and started up the stairs once more. "I'm done, Pansy. Go fuck with someone else."

"Draco, wait!" She caught onto my bag with her talon-like nails, and restrained me from going up any further. "Draco, I have something to tell you!" She looked up at me with pathetic eyes, but curious as to what she wants, I stopped mid stairs. "What?" I approached down the stairs, just about fed up with her. But as soon as my foot touched the floor, Pansy suddenly pounces on me and her face is against mine. She hesitates no further and locks lips with me.

Shocked, I immediately push her off with a disgusted look upon my face. "What the fuck, I told you to leave me alone!" I shouted with fury. Pansy simply smirked, and looked at her nails as if nothing ever happened. "I know you like that Ashton girl. What did you ever see in her? She's a whore." I could see the fire and jealousy playing in her eyes. My fists balled together, but quickly I stopped myself before things escalated. "Shut the fuck up, Pansy. I hate you."

Sticking up my finger, I furiously stormed up the stairs, each wooden step shuddering under my footsteps. How dare she fucking make fun of Ella? As I reached my room, I threw my bag across the room which made a loud thud on impact, not caring if anyone heard me. I threw off my shirt in contorted rage, and flung myself on my bed. I was still fuming at Pansy, vowing to never talk to her again. As the moonlight seeps in through the cracks of the window sill, my eyelids closed as all the unresolved conflict dissolved into dreams and thoughts.


"Slut." A boy breathes into my ear as I pass through the corridors. What was that about? Glancing back at the boy, I notice that many other people are whispering and talking to each other whilst looking at me like I was something gross stuck on the back of their shoe. What the hell was going on? Cara looked as worried as me and simply whispered, "Don't worry about them, they don't know what they're talking about." I nervously bit my lip, hoping that Cara was right.

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