3. Shead A Tear

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Riley POV


But before he answers he falls down to the ground and this time i dont bother helping him up. I mean why would i after what he did to me? I left him on the floor while i was packing up my clothes to move back in with my parents but with my luck Lucas comes in the room.

Lucas: Woah what the hell happened? I woke up on the ground.

He seems to be stable now but im still leaving!

Riley: Oh like you dont remember!

Lucas: Look Riley i dont remember anything! *looks at her face* woah what happened to you?!

Riley: *crying* Its funny how you have no idea because YOU did this to me when you were fucking drunk!

Lucas: Riley im sorry.

Riley: I can forgive you for everything else in the world but not getting drunk and hitting me!

I start to walk out of the room with my suitcase when Lucas gets in front of me.

Lucas: Where are you going?

Riley: To move back in with my parents!

Lucas: No please dont!

Riley: Dont bother trying to convince me to stay because it wont work.

Lucas: Fine! But will you come back?

Riley: I-i dont know.

I start to leave towards the door when i remember something he said 'there are somethings that you'll never know'. I turned to face Lucas.

Riley: What did you mean by 'there are some thing you'll never know'?

Lucas:.........*nervous* I said that?

Riley: Ya

Lucas:....um well it meant nothing!

I knew he was lying but i didnt want to stay there any longer so i just left towards the door but before i left through the door i looked back at my house and shead a tear.



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