I don't know anymore......

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Dear diary,

Today is Oct.10th,2015. Do you guys see the rain outside today? I love the rain. Don't ask questions why. I just love how it has no worries of coming down, and doing damage to the beautiful things in life. I also love the smell of it. it smells like fresh water from the mountains.

The rain has no worries about coming down and doing what its supposed to do, unlike people. This is a theory that everyone has: "Boys like girls, and girls like boys" end of theory. But for some reason I find that false information. Boys aren't as complicated as girls. Girls are complicated as HELL. I don't know why, were just like any other human being, so why are we the complicated ones?

You guys remember Andrea? Yeah well, that boat has sunk in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I don't know why I was so stupid to actually think that he was going to ask me out? I learned yesterday that if one person has hope, and the other doesn't, there's no point. I always thought that if I prayed, hoped, wished upon a star(I know its corny, but its worth a try), that my dreams would actually come true, but turns out that I was wrong for millionth time in my life.

Is there something wrong with me? Whatever I don't care anymore. Why do we call it  crushes? Because that's how you feel, when they don't feel the same way. To me this world is a FUCKED UP PLACE WHERE DREAMS DONT COME TRUE.

I'm so done with everything in my life..... I quit.....

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