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(Marissa's POV)
After the party everyone left , well almost . Luis , Adriel , Helen and Becky and her brothers stayed. Jonatan wad already sleeping with Janet . It's already 3:30am and we are still I'm the backyard . Kimberly and Kevin got their own place , they sometimes sleep over . Danny fell asleep too. Fans have been asking/telling me to do a challenge with Luis and Jonatan and other people. Oscar left for a whole month with his parents.

Gera: so what should we do tomorrow?
Rissa: don't you mean later?
Gera: shut up you know what I mean
Helen: we should do a bbq
Gera: here or at the lake?
Helen: it don't matter
Rissa: it's cold
Helen: ik
Becky: well I'll see you guys later
Rissa: why dont you stay?
Becky: am sorry I'll love you but I can't
Rissa: it's okay , if any one of you guys want to stay just say so okay lol
Frankie: can I stay becky?
Becky: ask
Rissa: save it frank you could
Becky: I'll come pick him up in the morning 
Rissa: no don't worry about it I'll take him
Becky: thank you so much
Rissa: yeah np

*Luis goes and sits with marissa and hugs her . She starts falling asleep on his chest , he softy puts his head on hers and the both fall asleep. After 4 minutes Frankie takes a picture*

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Fr huh goals

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Think about it frank

Yall goals asf @marissaortizoficial @luiscoronelmusic

I thought Luis was dating leslie 

Gera: hey guys wake up
Luis: what?
Gera: go sleep upstairs
Luis: wait where am I suppose to sleep? 
Gera: in Oscar's room
Luis: okay I'll take her to her room .
Gera: okay
(BTW it's 4am)

Jonatan: good morning
Rissa: good night
Jonatan: am gonna go home can I take Janet?
Rissa: yeah what time are you coming back
Jonatan: like 4 or 5 pm
Rissa: okay

Luis: good morning
Rissa: morning
Luis: wyd up all dressed?
Rissa: am going to the store
Luis: can I come
Rissa: yeah , can you call Frankie ?
Luis: yeah

Frankie: are you sure you know how to drive?
Rissa: chill frank I won't kill you
Frankie: you better not

*at the store*
Luis: why are we here
Rissa: I came to buy baby food
Frank: why?
Rissa: because I need it for something
Frank: okay

*at home*
Gera:where did you guys go?
Luis: the store
Gera: oh Marissa Danny was looking for you
Rissa: where is he?
Gera: I think he's outside with Kevin
Rissa: okay did Kim come?
Gera: no
Rissa: omg okay
Gera: I'll be back
Rissa: okay

Danny: where we're you at?
Rissa: the store
Danny: oh
Rissa: guys let's do a video.
Danny: what kind of video?
Rissa: A challenge
All of them: okay
Rissa: alright

Rissa:Hi guys it's me Marissa and am here with Luis , Kevin , Frankie and Danny . Today we will be doing the Baby Food Challenge . A lot of you guys have asked me to do a challenge with Luis and Jonatan but Jonatan couldn't make it so Frankie is here replacing him . So yeah let's get started
Luis: so I give Frankie a full spoon of the baby food and he has to guess what it is with his eyes covered?
Danny: yeah
Frankie: eww it taste nasty
Rissa: what is it?
Frankie: chicken
Rissa: and what?
Frankie: idk
Rissa: guess
Frankie: chicken and chicken
Rissa: nope you give up?
Frankie: yea
Rissa: chicken and chicken gravy
Frankie: eww that's gross
*Skip to the end*
Rissa: so at the end of every video I like to answer your questions, so yeah here are the questions you guys asked
Luis: Are you and Marissa dating?
Rissa: no we are not dating
Danny: Why did you get out of Alerta Zero?
Danny: it's still something personal, I'll tell you guys when a ready .
Frankie: Are you single or taken?
Frankie: Taken
Rissa: when are you and Oscar having another Meet and Greet?
Rissa: am not sure if it's next week on Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll keep you guys updated
Rissa: okay so that's it for today's video . I love you guys I will be doing a contest to find out more go check my instagram .

*End of video*

@marissaortizoficial: This Contest will have 4 winners , the 1st winner will get to hang out with me and my brothers and you will get a t-shirt , signed poster , signed CD , 2 tickets for COMO UN SUEÑO. 2nd winner will get a signed t-shirt, signed CD and a signed poster & 2 tickets for COMO UN SUEÑO and a chance to meet me and a artist like @luiscoronelmusic @adrielfavela @jonatansanchez . 3rd winner will get 1 ticket for COMO UN SUEÑO,  signed t-shirt , signed CD, signed poster and a change to meet me . 4th winner will get a signed t-shirt , signed CD an Poster , also a Video Call from Me .
CONTEST ENDS: 10/30/15

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Luis: I have to go bye see you tomorrow
Rissa: okay bye
(The hug)

Rissa: Danny wanna come with me to take Frankie?
Danny: yeah
Rissa: Frank!
Frank: wassup
Rissa: let's go
Frank: alright

*Becky's house*
MamaG: thank you mija for bringing him , was he annoying you?
Rissa: no problem & no
MamaG: he better not have been , so mija who is this?
Rissa: my best friend Daniel Ibarra
Danny: hello Ms Gomez
MamaG: mijo don't call me Ms Gomez call me MamaG
Danny: okay
Rissa: alright well we have to go
MamaG: okay mija drive safe , hopefully we could a get together and make a Carne Asada
Rissa: okay I'll ask Gerardo
MamaG: okay mija Bye
Rissa: bye , bye Frankie
Frankie: bye
Danny: bye

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