lover boy

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picture of Gisele

Romeo pov

I walked over there and she was talking to a guy

I tapped on her shoulder I smiled
"hello there beautiful im" I said then she interrupted me

"I know who you are what do you want" she said

I love a girl who can take charge of a conversation

"uhm I can't help but wonder what your name is" I said

"oh my name how about it's none of your business" she said

"well how about roses are red violets are blue how about you tell me your name because I like you" I said

she started laughing
"that's the most horrible poetry I've ever heard" she said

"so are you gonna tell me your name" I said

"nope lover boy" she said

"okay then" I said and Sat down next to her starring

"what are you doing" she said
"we'll since your not going to tell me your name I guess I will just bug you" I said

I took in her overall appearance she smelled like mangos and her eyes where a baby blue that just stand out but mostly I saw something in them that you don't really see in a popular girls eyes

a little hint of pain but from what the lunch bell rang and I was still following her by the end of the day she was fed up when school ended

she started talking

"my name is Gisele will you leave me alone now lover boy" she said

"I'll think about goodbye beautiful" I said

feeling like I just won the lottery

Gisele pov

school was over now it was time to go back to hell but before that I had to go pick up my dad

I picked him up and he was angry

when we arrived home I started saying "I'm sorry I would of .....,"


"I don't care when I tell you to come get me you do it now underatand" he said

"I under ....."


"did I tell you you can speak" he said

I stayed quiet

"now you may speak" he said

"I understand father" I said

"now go get dinner ready and clean The house before you go to bed" he said

I got out and started his dinner and cleaned by time I got Done it was 12:00 pm I still have to do homework story of my life

I didn't go to bed till 4:00 am at least this time I get one hour of sleep.

goodnight little girl hiding back there things will get better I promise

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