❀ Chapter 14 ❀

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Seungcheol's POV

"Really... Why would I lie?!" I walked around the room, shaking my head.

"Well maybe because you could have changed while I was gone!" Yong Hwa shouted, resting his head on his arms as he watched me pace the room. "How are the others? Has Namjoon made up with his parents? Has Yoongi gotten into more trouble? Ooh, what about Tae and Hoseok? Do they still want to be 'superheroes'?" He smiled.

"I think they're okay, but they aren't fully made up with each other. Yoongi... He's being a good kid, at least from what everyone else tells me. But I'm sure he's still getting into trouble with the raps he writes." I chuckled. "Yes, they still do want to be 'superheroes'. They are thinking about starting a new charity to raise awareness for... I'm not sure for what. But they'll definitely want you to sponsor them." This made Yong Hwa laugh.

"Those two... I really miss hanging out with you goofballs." He continued to smile. "Now that CNBLUE is constantly gaining more fame and fans, I don't think I'll have time to visit you again." His smile vanished slowly.

"It's alright, I can always try to see a concert of yours." I smiled. Yong still frowned.

"I really hate leaving you alone. Especially since you only have your dad since who the hell knows where your goddamn brother is." His voice grew angry. "If I ever find out who he is, I will personally drag his ass back here and have him help with paying the rent. You should be focusing more on studying than trying to look for a job."

"Most people my age are looking for jobs, it's normal." I patted his shoulder.

"I want you to focus on your studies more." He sighed. "Well, I am making a good living, I'll send you guys money to help pay your rent." Yong started to take out his wallet.

"Yah! Don't do that. You know my abeoji want you feeling like you owe us anything." I moved his hand away from his pocket.

"Your abeoji is my abeoji, he's helped me figure out a career I wanted to do! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be this happy!" He poked my head. "Just take it, or else I will find someone to put money into abeoji's bank account to help you guys out." I sighed.

"Fine, but this is the only time I'm taking it." I held my hand out, feeling it get heavier. "Yah! This is too much!' I looked at the amount with wide eyes. "There's-"

"You already said you'll take it! But don't count on me not sending you guys money. I'll talk to abeoji about it when he comes home." He smiled, putting his wallet back in his pocket. "Now, how did you meet Jeonghan and Shin Hye exactly?"

"Ah... Well... I was passing by as I walked to school. There was noise and I saw Jeonghan sticking up for Shin Hye but it was four against one, so I decided to jump in." An embarrassed smile on my face.

"Still helping people, as usual." He smiled. "The first time I saw him, I really did mistake him for a girl, until he spoke up. Seungcheol..." I looked up at him. "Does he... Does he get called words often?"

"Get called what?" I tilted my head to the side.

"You know, those words." Yong's smile dropped. I stayed quiet. Besides that incident, I never really heard him get called anything.

"I don't really know." I looked at the floor. Maybe everyone knew, or they just didn't say anything out loud.

"Well, I hope you take good care of him. He seems really nice." Yong smiled again.

"You should be worrying about Seohy-" he cut me off, his cheeks stained red.



"The scene will take place in a park, Daisy and I will start. After we do whatever it is that we do to show love, we walk to the right, passing by Jungkook and Yoongi who will start their scene." Karla pointed over to them. "You two can be using water guns, with obviously no water in it, and play around." Jungkook looked over to Yoongi, grinning.

"Yah, you better not put water in it. I will jump on you faster than I would jump on Je-" Jungkook covered his mouth.

"We are in school, if Seokjin finds out you're saying these things-" Yoongi moved Jungkook's hand away.

"Yeah yeah I know." Yoongi mumbled. I looked over to Jungkook, who had a sad look in his eyes.

"Now, you two." Karla looked over at me, then over to Jeonghan. "Hm... We can have you two sitting on a bench, Seungcheol laying his head on Jeonghan's shoulder. We'll add dialogue to all three scenes, but each partnership should come up with the lines." She smiled, turning over to Daisy. "Alright, let's start writing the dialouge." I looked over to Jeonghan, who was spacing out as he looked outside the window.

"Yah..." I poked his side, which made him jump up. He looked at me with wide eyes. "We need to come up with lines."

"Oh, okay." He blinked, scooting his chair closer to me. "What lines do we write?" He looked up at me.

"Ah... I'm guessing some mushy lovey dovey stuff." I chuckled quietly. Jeonghan smiled slightly. "Maybe we can do a confession. Do you want to be the one to confess, or me? Or should we both confess?" I took out a piece of paper, grabbing a pencil and looking over to Jeonghan again. His face had gotten red as a tomato.

"I think-" he stuttered a bit, but got caught off.

"Jeonghan! I need your opinion on something!" Jun called, a smile on his face as he waved for him to come over.

"I'll be back." Jeonghan got up, walking over to Jun. I wonder why he got so red... I looked around, not seeing anything catch my eye. Huh. I went back to writing. Hm... Maybe I should be the one to confess.

"Seungcheol." I looked up, seeing the teacher wave.

"Yes?" I tilted my head.

"Someone came to see you." She smiled, pointing over at the door. I looked, seeing Soon Yi wave. I got up, putting my pencil down and walking over. I looked over to see Jeonghan still talking to Jun. He won't mind, he's talking to Jun right now. I walked out of the classroom.

"What is it?" I looked at her, tilting my head again.

"Ah..." She lowered her head a bit. "I have a test to study for... I was wondering if you could help me." She looked up, but looked back down again, "maybe after w-we could get some coffee... As friends that is!" She nervously laughed. "It's okay if you don't want to I'll-"

"It's fine. I don't have anything going on." I smiled. "When do you want to go?"

"Tomorrow after school is over? Is that's good with you." She looked up, her cheeks slightly pink.

"Sounds good." I smiled, "I'll meet you by the entrance." I nodded, turning around and heading back into class.

"See you later Coups oppa!" I felt my cheeks get warm. I've never been called 'oppa' before. Weird, but nice.


It's 11:21 why am I still awake there's school tomorrow ㅠㅠ but I'm changing Park Bo Young's name to Soon Yi, a name she used when she was in "A Werewolf Boy".

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