Date Night

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I apologize for the fact I am a lazy piece of shit with writer block pls forgive me-

*3 days after the last chapter*

Stiles is two movies into his Star Wars movie marathon when he gets a text:
Derek: Hello
Stiles: Hey Sourwolf whts up?
Derek: Don't call me Sourwolf
Stiles: Whatever you say grumpy pants. What'd ya need?
Derek: Actually, grumpy pants is worse.. I just wanted to know if you were busy tonight
Stiles: No plans, y?
Derek: Mad Max: Fury Road is out and I was wondering if you would like to go see it with me?
Stiles: Is Derek Hale actually asking me on a date? In public? Where it won't just be making out and "chilling"?
Derek: yes.. Your boyfriend is taking you out on a date.. And you are mistaken if you think there won't be any making out
Stiles: Well I'm always a slut for a Tom Hardy movie :-))
Derek: Alright I'll pick you up at 7

Stiles looks at his clock 3:45 p.m. He decides he has enough time to watch the rest of the Star Wars movie he's watching before he should start to get ready. When the movie is over, Stiles takes a fairly long shower, then dries his hair and brushes his teeth. He tries on about 50 different outfits before he finally decides on his blue button down and his favorite jeans. Even though that was the first outfit Stiles tried on, he felt the need to make sure none of the other outfits looked better.

So it's about 6:20 and Stiles is laying on his bed wishing the time would go by just a bit faster. He decides to turn on the tv and watch the reruns of Friends that are playing. It's a few minutes till 7 when there's a knock at the door. Stiles scrambles to his feet realizing what time it is and checks his hair in the mirror before running downstairs.

"Wow my knight in shining leather actually used the door this time" Stiles laughs as he opens the door to a handsomely dressed up Derek. He's wearing a red v-neck with one of his infamous black leather jackets and dark jeans that fit him perfectly in all the right places.

"Hey babe" Derek smirks as he slips his hand behind Stiles' back and pulls him closer, kissing him lightly when Stiles is close enough.
Stiles pulls back with a wink, "we have plenty of time for this later. Right now we have to go see Tom Hardy" Stiles smiles widely and grabs his boyfriend's hand as he drags the older man out of the house and towards the black Camaro. Derek smiles and rolls his eyes at his boyfriend who's jamming out to All Time Low.

When they arrive at the theatre, Derek orders a jumbo popcorn, a coke, and a large slushy, for Stiles of course.

"I hope you're ready for this because Tom Hardy is amazing and handsome and strong and just awesome" Stiles went on as they walked into the movie

"Guess you could call me Tom Hardy 2.0" Derek muttered almost incoherently, but Stiles still caught it.

"Babe you're my Tom Hardy x1000 You're better than Tom Hardy, which is a hard thing for me to say because he's so great." Stiles rambles on. Derek has an amused look on his face as he finds empty seats in the back row of the dark room.

"Alright now if you don't talk during the movie you'll get a surprise when we get home" Derek winks. Stiles always talks during movies which means Derek can never actually focus on what's happening. Stiles eyes widen and a huge grin sneaks on his face. He makes the "zipping my lips" motion with his hand to his mouth and sits back to watch the movie.

So the movie is halfway over and Derek has his tongue shoved down Stiles' throat when the couple in front of them finally says something

"Excuse me, do you mind? I'm trying to watch a movie and all I can hear is you two making out. It's distracting and kind of gross" a man wearing a baseball tee says with a bitchy attitude.

Derek pulled back and stared at the man, "Sir for one you are here with your girlfriend, pay attention to her and the movie instead of us, and two asking nicely and saying please might get you somewhere". The man turns back around and slides his arm around his girlfriend.

"Alright where were we?" Derek looks back at Stiles with a smile.

"We were watching Tom Hardy kick ass" Stiles says, not taking his eyes off the screen. Derek puts on a pouty look (that stiles doesn't notice because he's staring and the handsome badass that is Tom Hardy) and returns to watching the movie.

When the movie is over Derek leads Stiles back to the Camaro and drives back to his apartment.

"I thought you were dropping me back off at home?" Stiles questions.

"No, I told you I had a surprise for you" Derek adds and parks the car.

They were about to walk in the door when Laura, Erica, and Boyd came out from the building and stopped them.

"Where are you going? Didn't you get my text?" Laura asked.

"No we were in a movie and then I had to drive so I didn't check it. Why what's going on?" Derek questions

"Apparently one of Argent's hunter friends told him the pack he was chasing is now in Beacon Hills. So we are going to check it out." Erica explained. "You coming?"

"Yeah let me take Stiles home firs-"

"No I want to come." Stiles insisted

"Stiles we don't know anything about this pack, they could be dangerous. You're not coming" Derek replied

"I'm coming." Stiles crossed his arms

Derek rolled his eyes,"fine but you stay behind me"

Stiles grinned and walked back to the car.  Laura gave Derek the "this isn't a good idea" look, to which Derek shrugged and followed Stiles.

So there's that. Again I apologize for my procrastination. I have had no motivation to do anything for the past few weeks. This chapter is 1076 words, if only it was as Easy to write 1000 word essays as it is to write these chapters. Anyways hope you liked my attempt at a good chapter :-) have a nice day.

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