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Cali Wade isn't you're typical teenage girl. Yeah she goes to school and has two stereotypical best friends but apart from that, her life is completely different from others.

She was born in England but moved to Australia at the age of 10. An only child, a lonely child. Her father, an international superstar is rarely home. Her mother, a nurse who works long hours in the hospital, barely seeing her husband or daughter.

As for Cali herself, she spends most of her time at home in her room practicing her clarinet and writing songs. Cali is musically talented. She can play any instrument she is handed and can sing and write songs very well.

The only thing she wants to do with her life is to follow her passion of music. Become a singer, songwriter, anything to do with music. Music is the only way for Cali to set her feelings free.

She is very nervous around people she doesn't know. It's pure luck that Luna and Pandora, her two best friends, were very persuading otherwise they might not have been her two best friends at all.

Her life was like clockwork. Every day was the same routine: wake up, school, home, music.

That was until she met Riley...

Hey guys! This is my new/only story. I'm super excited about this one. I really believe this story will go far and I hope you all like it! The next chapters will definitely be longer than this one. This was just to introduce Cali and a bit of her life and family so the story can actually start.

xxvulnerableteenxx :)

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