The untold memories

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Summertime sadness

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Samael and Isabelle

" fuck she was so godamn beautiful ",he uttered as he was hiding itself behind the tall grasses.

He wandered his eyes to her from head to toe.

Then he smirked and bit his lower lip when she begun to take off her clothes.

He gulped twice when this girl was totally naked and moved her body down the running river and splashed herself with water.

" shit you're mine tonight,looking serious still bitting his lip to control his fucking lust to the girl right in front of her.

Her name was Isabelle and she was the most gorgeous girl I've ever met in my entire stayed in this world.

" I will visit her tonight,he then released a loud laughter and started himself to find a better human image for tomorrow.

" I want to meet her and I will take her",he mumbled then continued watching Isabelle's naked sexy body.

She was blond hair,those hearted-lips,those emerald look eyes,so mysterious and enchanting,those big booty of her and healthy breast that almost look perfect to be seen and touch by her husband to be.

That person was me and a sound of demon laughter filled the silence.

The night visit....

Isabelle pov

" ahhhh it feels good,as if someone was touching her body.

I saw a tall and handsome guy in front of me.
His body was a six pack and those muscles were so hard molded perfectly into his arms.

He bent his body and moved his lips on mine.

He planted a rough kiss on my lips while his hands pulled my hair and cupped my chin to look at him.

The grip from my hair was so tight but the intense heat he was giving to me right now was my focused.

He deepen his kiss and slid his tongue inside and it was like heaven.
He searched mine inside and he found it.he playfully bit it and sipped it and I moaned.

" hmmm.... I mumbled.

He stop and trailed his lips down my neck going to my breast.

" God.... yes like that... as he put his mouth at the center and let his tongue wandered around it.

It was a wet dream.
I moaned even more when he entered his harden and thrust it inside my entrance.

He's doing it harshly but I'm loving it and we both released the climax """ aahhhh""" when he's about to let go his fluids and same as mine.

I then woke up thirsty looking for water.

" oh my what kind of dream was that", I squealed and go back to my bed again.

Rafael pov

"I must meet Isabelle today, he was look excited and humming Isabelle's name....

" oh Isabelle
" my one and only Isabelle... " I will love you forever....

( sweet music)

He was on his way to Isabelle's house and about to proposed his deephearted love for her when suddenly a black smoke appeared right on his face and he held him from his neck and put something inside his mouth and Rafael passed out instantly.

Isabelle pov

" that Rafael...he said yesterday that he had something important to tell me....he's 30 minutes late now....gritting her teeth while making a tight fist on her hands.

" I.... hate him !!! She murmured and about to go from their meeting place when Rafael quickly appeared from her back.

" Isablle sorry,I keep you waiting....he was catching his breath.

" I didn't saw you coming how come....she said with eyebrows crossing each other.

" no time for that...he said while coming closer to her.

He quickly pulled Isabelle's body and planted a kiss on her lips harshly.

" rafae...l..she mumbled but rafael cut her words....

He pulled his lips from her and look directly on her eyes and said " I love you Isabelle.... will you marry me,,,while putting his knee down the ground and insert something into Isabelle's ring finger.

She was about to cry for his sudden confession....and she said..

" yes I do!!!.. Rafael I love you too...then they spent the night together under the tree.... and Isabelle bore a baby girl.

As time passed by...Rafael changed.

He always shouted at her and his harassing her every night.

He was easily got jealous and beat her to death.

He was not the Rafael I know before.

Things changed

Isabelle's started to have a nightmares every night.

She's been running without way...
she's been followed by a big black beast with a sharp fangs . ....

As if like they are going to devour her alive.

She been raping by numerous guys on her dreams stealing her energy from her human body.

Sometimes she would wake up with a numerous bruise on her body and a tiny bites from her neck.

Sometimes she's very thirsty and catching her breath due to exhaustion.

Rafael just wanted to have sex with her and he was not concern what was happening about her.

Because of depression she sent her only daughter to her bestfriend.

They adopted her.

Days,months, years passed Isabelle's became weaker and decided to run away from his evil and cold husband.

Then some said that she was been taken by evil spirits to the forest but some said she just killed herself to stop the pain she was enduring for all these years.

Rafael was found dead too from his bed.
Some said that an evil possessed his body,take his memories and thoughts,and killed him while he was in a deep sleep.

They said that an incubus demon take over him as him to be with the girl he fall in love and she was Isabel.

That tale happened 56 years ago.

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Try to read again on Damons pov and you will find out the answer.

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