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Ryan's whole face dropped. He looked around quickly, then looked back at me.

"You know Adam's here right?" He said worriedly.

I instantly froze. I had forgotten all about him.

"I have to go, i'll see you later, okay?" I said quickly.

"okay, be safe. I don't know where he went, so hurry back to your dates."

I ignored his last comment and turned back around. I spotted the boys talking to a couple business looking men and made a bee line for them.

I made it to them slightly out of breath from almost running just so I didn't have to see Adam.

"Are you okay?" Kyle asked.

"Adam" I said simply.

He tensed and looked behind me.

"Where?" He asked, his voice slightly deeper.

"I don't know, but I saw Ryan and he said Adams here" I said looking around.

I relaxed when I didn't spot him anywhere. Kyle pulled me to his side and I rested my head against his chest. He smelt like Versace.

The man Zamon was talking to gestured to me

"So this is the infamous Rebecca Robinson?" He asked Zamon, eyeing me.

I stood up straight.

"Yes I am" I answered strongly.

A couple of the men stopped to stare at me. Does everyone know who I am?

"Your good at hiding" he said, but it didn't sound like a compliment.

"I know" I answered shortly.

He stared at me for a while, like the men with him.

"Where is your gang situated?" I asked him.


I tried to hold in my smirk, but I totally failed.

"What?"this time it was Zamon who asked.

"I was there for over 3 months"

The guys jaw dropped. He hadn't been able to find me. My happy moment didn't last very long though.

"Well,well,well. Look who we have here boys" I instantly tensed.

I slowly turned around to face him.

" Adam" I spat venomously.

"Hey sugar, how've you been?. You look better since the last time I saw you, considering you're supposed to be dead. Isn't she Ryan?" He asked Ryan, who stood behind him.

Ryan's eyes were drawn to the floor, as he slowly nodded.

"Fuck off Adam, and leave Ryan out of this"

He looked amused at my outburst.

"You were never this feisty while you were on the floor under me. Actually, it looked like you enjoyed it, you didn't even put up a fight." He said smugly.

I felt more angry then I had in my entire life. My hatred for the man standing in front of me was 100 times bigger then my hatred for Zamon.

"You wanna see a fight, you motherfucker, then I'll fight"

I stepped closer and raised my fist. Zamon quickly grabbed my arm, and leant down to whisper in my ear;

"If you do this now, if you kill him, you will most likely start a gun fight, and we can't have that." He finished.

He said kill, not seriously hurt. I nodded, still staring at Adam who was smirking.

Zamon cautiously let my arm go, and that was all I needed to pull my arm back and send it flying towards Adams face. I felt satisfied as I heard the snap of his nose.

The punch sent him stumbling back a couple steps, so I used that to bring my leg up and kick him in the chest with my heel. Im pretty sure I just flashed the crowd my underwear but I didn't care.

Nobody was interfering, so I stalked towards Adam who was now on the floor on his back with a murderous look on his face.

He stood back up and got in a defensive stance. I threw a right hook and smashed him on the cheek. He tried to hit me, but I grabbed his fist and twisted it. He moved his whole body with the twist so I wouldn't snap his wrist, and because of that he ended up on his knees. I kicked him with my shin, and he fell on his back on the floor.

He stared up at me with fear shining in his eyes. I kicked him and he rolled over and started crawling away from me.

"Get up, you coward! You wanted a fight, so don't run away!" I shouted at him.

He slowly rose to his feet and faced me. He reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a long knife. I started laughing like a maniac, which caused him to take a step back.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to bring a knife to a gun fight?" I asked rhetorically.

I pulled my gun out of the holster and aimed at him. He froze and dropped the knife, eyeing the barrel of the gun. I heard multiple clicks of the safety being taken off of other people's guns, and I glanced out the corner of my eyes to see half the men pointing guns at me, and the other half at Adam.

"On your knees" I said to Adam.

He followed my order and slowly sunk to his knees. I raised my gun at him and clicked the safety off.

"Rebecca, don't do this, don't kill him" I heard Zamon say from behind me.

"I'm making sure he can never do what he did to me, to any other girl" my voice was strong and steady.

"By killing him?" Zamon asked, sounding shocked.

"No" I said quickly before I pulled the trigger.

The sound of the gun reverberated through the silent ballroom, which was quickly filled by Adams screams of agony, which could almost shatter glass.

A lot of the males in the room instantly covered their crotch, and sucked air through their teeth at the sight of what I'd just done. I had shot Adam right in the crotch, the blood splattering up my dress and exposed skin.

A lot of the men stared at me shocked.

"Your a crazy Bitch" I heard a man shout from the crowd.

I turned towards the voice, and found him staring at me in disgust. He met my cold stare, and immediately shrunk back into the crowd.

I dropped my gun on the floor, then turned and calmly walked up the stairs, and out the doors.

I stood shivering in the cold, catching my breath. I heard footsteps and turned to see Kyle hurrying towards me. He didn't hesitate to wrap me in his arms.

I don't know why I did it, probably because I was upset and over life at the moment, but when we pulled apart I smashed my lips against his.

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