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The drive to Los Angeles had taken 16 hours, with one stop because Zamon was a sook and wanted to get there 'as soon as possible'. But it hadn't been all bad considering Kyle was with me.

He had insisted he ride with me, because I apparently didn't know the way, even though I was driving behind Zamon the whole time.

Most of the drive was spent laughing, with him criticizing my driving, and me making fun of him.

We detoured through Hollywood, ignoring Zamon. We stayed quiet, in awe, unless we were pointing out things to each other.

We finally arrived at the Doubletree hotel, where Zamon angrily greeted us.

I slept as soon as I got to my room, until Kyle woke me up the next day. We had spent the afternoon at the pool, then had to get ready for the conference.

I was wearing a floor length black gone. It had a heart shaped neck line, and was tight until my thighs, where there was a slit on the right side. I paired the gown with silver heels, and pulled out the jewelry set my mom got me for prom.

As I stared into the box, I pondered. I didn't even know if I was going to make it to prom. I'd already been shot once, and now I was a gang member. I could die tonight for all I know, but I didn't want to dwell on that.

I was anxious for some reason, like I just knew something bad was going to happen. It was a feeling of dread, which could mean anything.

I tried to clear my head as I slipped all the jewelry on. I curled my hair and pulled it over my left shoulder.

I did my makeup, doing a smoky silver eye, paired with a bold red lip. Subtle contour and highlight shaped my face. I stared at myself, feeling pretty. I'd never had a chance to dress like this.

I stuffed my phone in my strapless bra so I wouldn't need a purse or anything. I hated carrying around things.

I opened the door and found Zamon standing there, nervously tugging at the collar of his dress shirt. His blue eyes met mine, before they raked down my body as I watched his Adams apple move as he gulped. He looked surprisingly vulnerable as he stood before me, he looked younger. Like he did when I first saw him.

"Everyone is ready and waiting for you in the lobby." His voice was deeper as he looked away.

"Okay, I'm ready, lets go." I said, closing the door behind me.

We walked down the hallway towards the elevator in silence. I eyed him out the corner of my eye.

Zamon was dressed in a black tuxedo with a white undershirt and a black tie. His black dress shoes were making almost as much noise as my heels. His hair was combed to one side, gelled down. He looked uncomfortable, and for some reason, I felt sorry for him.

We paused to wait for the elevator, awkwardly silent. I opened my mouth to make small talk, before Zamon started.

"Tonight, your most likely going to be the only girl there." I turned to him, my eyes wide.

"What, why?" I asked, shocked.

"A lot of the other gangs are traditional, and slightly sexist. They believe woman aren't cut out to be a member, plus, if your wife or girlfriend is in your gang you will constantly worry about her, and she could be used against you or your gang. Women act differently to men, and some of the men are too ignorant and stuck up their own asses to believe any different." By the end of his rant we were going down the elevator. What sexist bastards.

"You will also get a lot of stares from the men because your a girl. And, your pretty."He finished quietly, almost forcing the words out of his mouth. I smiled at his words as my face warmed.

I nearly fell over when I spotted Kyle. He was wearing a black tux too, but he still had his indifferent aura. His hair was combed and gelled back and to the side. Instead of a normal tie though he was wearing a bow tie. He looked incredible.

The other two men were also wearing tuxedos, but it didn't suit them at all. Jack was pulling at the sleeves, and I wanted to laugh at how weird he looked.

The other man I'd seen around the club house, but never talked to. He was short but musclely, and his suit pants nearly reached the floor because of his short legs.

When Kyle heard our shoes clicking on the floor he turned towards us. When he saw me and let out a loud wolf whistle. He walked over and stopped in front of me and looked me over, much like how Zamon had. He finally looked up to meet my eyes and smiled. Not his signature smirk, a real, sweet smile.

"You look beautiful."He said quietly.

I blushed at his compliment and looked down. I blushed? I never blush. What is happening to me?

I looked back up at Kyle and smirked.

"You don't look too bad yourself."

He chuckled and held his arm out for me. I happily placed my arm around his and started walking outside with Zamon and the other two infront of us.

When we got outside I noticed the 5 white Lamborghinis. Zamon handed each of us a set of keys and told us which car was ours. Mine was the last one, with Zamon at the front, then Jack, the other man, then Kyle. Before I got in the car Zamon grabbed my arm.

"Your gonna need this, just incase." he handed me a gun and a  holster.

"Its for your thigh."He said, watching me looking at it confused.

I nodded then slipped it on, and strapped the gun in place. It felt uncomfortable, and I could feel the strap rubbing against my other thigh.

"Are you feeling okay?, You've been quiet since we got here." He said, sounding concerned.

"Yeah I just feel like something bad is going to happen tonight." I said trying to calm my nerves.

"Its okay, I'll make sure nothing happens to you." He said sincerely.

"Thank you." I said quietly then hopped in the car.

I revved the engine and laughed as Zamon drove off, then the rest of us behind, somehow not breaking the straight line.

We drove to the hotel where the event was being held. On the way to Cali Kyle told me the hotel was owned by one of the gang leaders from an allied gang.

The hotel had news reporters next to the door, which had red carpet from the valet all the way to the door, with red velvet ropes to keep the reporters off the carpet. There were big bouncers stationed next to the doors and some along the carpet.

When we pulled up all the reporters turned towards us. First to get out was Zamon, then Jack, the other guy, Kyle, then me.

All the reporters stopped to look at me. Had there really never been a girl here?

Zamon and Kyle came and took one of my arms each, Zamon on the left and Kyle on the right, with Jack and the other guy behind me. Zamon took everyones car keys, and then we started walking down the red carpet.

We walked through the doors and past the lobby and towards the ballroom. The bouncers opened the ballroom doors, and the feeling of dread in my stomach increased.

The ballroom was sunken in, so we stood at the top of the stairs and stared at all the men in the room, there was easily over 800 men here.

We started to gather attention, mostly because I was the only female in the room. Kyle's arm tightened around mine as he realized the room was silent, and every man was staring at me.

I spotted someone at the opposite side of the room and my heart stilled. The man smiled, astonished. I turned to Zamon.

"Let me go."

"No, its too dangerous."He stared at me like I was crazy.

"I can handle myself, I have a gun remember."I said back, pulling away slightly. He hesitantly let me go, and Kyle did the same.

I walked down the stairs, well aware of all the eyes watching me. The men parted for me like the red sea until I got to him. He opened his arms and I hugged him back. We stepped apart to look at each other.

"Rebecca."He said with a bright smile, which I returned.


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