Hinata's Other Side

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Hinata ran as fast as she could to Naruto, who stabbed himself  in the heart. Hinata heard his words and started to heal him.

"Naruto please, I don't like Kiba, he doesn't make me happy, I LOVE YOU, no one else," She cried, "Please don't leave me." Hinata's  voice went to whispers. She quickly picked Naruto up and carried him to the hospital. She ran as fast as possible and instantly told them to take care of him, she had to find someone.

"Where is Kiba Inazuka's room?" Hinata said in a cold tone. She gulped before telling Hinata the room number, leaving a very scary Hinata. As she found found Kiba's room, she stormed in seeing all of their friends turn to her in shock and surprise.

"KIBA YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!" Hinata yelled at a now awake Kiba. The only emotion in Kiba's eyes were fear, pure fear. "Are you that desperate that you would sacrifice the happiness of Naruto and leave him wanting to commit suicide," Everyone gulped and started to just watch intently.

"Im sorry Hinata, I wasn't thinking a..." Kiba began but was quickly slapped and stopped.

"That's right you weren't think! you were so selfish that you ruined his life thinking that I actually liked you, Ha yeah right! Im so close to killing you right now," Hinata scolded. Neji quickly stepped in trying to stop Hinata from killing him.

"Hinata I think you should calm down, you don't want to do something you will regret," Neji tried to calm things down. Hinata turned around and looked at Neji with tears flowing out from her eyes.

"I already did, I hurt Naruto, he tried to commit suicide because the thing he trained for, the person he wanted to protect had just left him so he thought no one loved him!" She yelled. Hinata turned back around to look at Kiba, "And it because of this stupid selfish piece of shit," She said as if she was going to kill someone. Everyone in the room was scared of her, she was putting out so much KI that it could blow up the entire hospital. Everyone hid in the corner, waiting for Hinata to calm down.

"Hinata please ill tell Naruto, ill make it up to both of  yo..." Kiba tried but again was slapped right across the face.

"I want you to die, but ill let Naruto choose but if he lets me choose, oh you better get ready to be torchered and killed," Hinata finished walking out the room to see Naruto. Kiba stood there stunned and scared, what if Naruto wanted the same thing... lets hope not.

"Is it wrong for me to love her," Kiba asked quietly.

"Love? LOVE? You don't love her, you just want her body, you just want to get in her pants you idiot, THATS NOT LOVE!" Sakura yelled. Kiba looked down and started to realize that they were right, he didn't love her. All the girls in the room said something do with calling him a pervert. All the boy were disappointed in Kiba that he was stupid enough to do something crazy as that. Slowly everyone left, leaving Kiba by himself.

To Naruto

Naruto was still out and Hinata came running in to see Naruto's conditions stable. That must of been thanks to the Kyuubi. Hinata sat down next to Naruto and held his and slowly started crying into it.

"Naruto im sorry, I wanted your homecoming to be special but that selfish basterd was more worried about getting in bed with me to realise how much he would hurt you," Hinata cried," Please don't leave me, not again, not forever, I love you Naruto, I love you," Her voice went to whispers. Hinata was too busy crying to realise that Naruto was awake and was listening to everything that Hinata said. He smiled knowing that she did care for him and Kiba was being selfish so he tried to get Hinata by hurting Naruto.

"I love you too Hinata," Naruto said quietly, surprising Hinata who was currently  wide eyed.

"So you forgive me, I would never hurt you Naruto," Hinata said as she grabbed Naruto in for a hug.

"I could never hate you, I Love you remember, I just was hurt from what you did and especially when I just came home, I felt that no one ever loved me," Naruto said looking away but was quickly pulled back was kissed passionately by Hinata. She put all her love and the thought of Naruto being gone again made her push against the kiss, making it deeper and more meaningful. Hinata broke the kiss and looked at him with love, and a little bit of lust.

"Naruto I love you, I always have and I always will, I will never leave you for anyone else," Hinata said with determination.

"Anyone care to explain what happened?" Said a womanly voice. Naruto and Hinata both looked to the door to see Tsunade standing there.

"Well um I guess so..." Naruto and Hinata slowly began explaining what happened, with how Kiba had been harassing her and had almost led Naruto to commit Suicide. Tsunade's eyes widened and her fists began to tremble with anger. She looked to Naruto who was comforting Hinata, Tsunade was unsure if she should be happy or angry. She was happy because Naruto had found someone that would go through heaven and hell to be with him and he felt the same about Hinata but she was mad at the stupidity of Kiba and his selfishness, which are not qualities of a good ninja.

"I will make sure you decide what happens to Kiba because I believe the best punishment is death for what he did," Tsunade said, rage clear in her eyes. They both nodded and and Tsunade left the room and said that Naruto could leave any time he wanted.

"Hinata lets go home, im really tired and I don't want the party you put so much effort into going to waste," Naruto said, giving Hinata a warm smile. They both left the hospital, hand in hand, they both knew that they would live a happy life if they had each other with them.

As Naruto and Hinata entered their apartment, they were surprised to see all of their 'friends' (obviously excluding Kiba), yelling surprise and getting into the Party mood. Naruto thanked everyone for how they have been to me and he was about to relieve  a big secret to them all.

"Okay im going tell all of you a secret that could lead you to hate me or even attempt to kill me, this is a secret that im only telling Hinata and all of you guys now because I was scared that you guys might not accept me," Naruto said looking down. Everyone was confused but listened intently. "So im sure that most of you were told that the kyuubi was killed right," This triggered a collective nod, "Well, this is not the case, The fourth Hokage was forced to seal the Kyuubi into a young child..." Naruto did his best to stop the tears, "That child was... Naruto Uzumaki," Everyone went wide eyed but Hinata smiled at him, leading to a very confused Naruto. She kissed him as passionetlly as all the other kisses, if not more.

"Naruto I don't care what's inside you, its not you is it?" Shook his head. The others started to say similar words. This cause Naruto to smile because he was so worried that his friends would run away that he didn't see that they would always be their friend. Naruto smiled and with that they continued to party.

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