Chapter 3: I Hate Bad Boys

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AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry for slow updates and sorry for my way of making a story, this is what im used to. Anways, Please support this. *kissy face*

I stand froze on my track looking eye to eye with him and seeing a little smirk growing from his mouth, I thought to myself "Damn! shouldn't have noticed them" God im such an idiot. Phil was in front of me smirking like an idiot. We stood there frozen about 30 seconds then his friends started jeering at us. I toughened up and said to him and his friends "What the heck are your problems?" "What did we do?" -Phil
"You just literally kicked/bumped my stuff, and those are precious stuff" I exclaimed. "What this stuff?" he took an item and dropped in on the floor. AND IT WAS A LIMITED EDITION ALBUM FROM BTS! I glared at him. "Ooohh we have a feisty one here" as he and his friends laughed at me. I took my drink and splashed it all over him, I don't regret what I did. He just damaged my precious merch. I HATE BAD BOYS!!!

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