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I was in the camp services when a rude girl barged in like a maniac , i mean seriously who does she think she is , the queen ? Pfttt no , the queens a much better person than she is .
"Hello how can i help you ?"
"Hmm i think you should give me my boyfriend back "
"Im sorry? You are ?"
"Hailey Gresleyn"
"Babe can you come out here for a sec , Hailey Gresleyn is here "
Xander came out .
"Hailey what are you doing here"
"Im here to kill Emma"
She stabbed me in the neck and i pulled the knife out and the wound healed .
"Bitch im a superhero , stab me in the croch and ill still be stronger than you "
I did a kickflip and froze her .
"Told ya"

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