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"Hey Tom!" Starry greeted Tom in a cold windy day.
"Hey Starry." Tom smiled, as he looked at Starry's blonde hair adorably.
"It's pretty cold today.. Right?" Starry stared at Tom's handsome dirty blonde hair.
"Yep. It's pretty cold." Tom shivered. "We should get inside the school."
When They Got Inside
*Ring Ring*
Everybody rushes to their class..
Inside The Class
"Good morning students, we'll be switching partners. Since some of you dislike your partners, It's time for a change." Mrs. Blackwell said. "Starry you will be partners with Tom."
After the teacher was talking, everybody went finding their new partners.
"Hey Starry, I'm glad we're partners." Tom smiled.
"I'm glad too." Starry was smiling back. "Shall we work in our history?"
"Yes." Tom said.

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