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Arielle POV

I go from meeting my dad, to meeting my sister Ariana Anderson. I'm back home with my mom, Detroit was a lot of fun. I got to know my dad & sister. I live in Florida, just like my dad. And my sister lives in
L.A, but I will be spending a week with Ari!. I'm so excited.

Arielle- alright mom, I'm all packed up.
Sophie - okay sweetie. Have fun, text me once you land I love you.
Arielle- I will mom, I love you.
Sophie- piece of pie?
Arielle- piece of cake.

Ariana's POV

Arielle is gonna come and spend a week with us, I'm so excited. Some, sister , sister time. Detroit lots of fun, mia got to spend lots of time with ailani and it was a great, funny time over all. Next week is Christmas, and we will be in Florida with Sean's family. I can't wait. I just have lots of shopping to do. And we have not publicy announced that Arielle is my sister. But im about to now...oh my God here goes nothing.

I have something to share with y'all. I recently found out I have a sister!

She is a 16 year old beauty. Her name is Arielle Brown. @CaptainEddie haves 2 girls<3.

Were gonna spend the week together, and do a live chat later, just to say hi to you babies. See you soon, sweets I love you.<3. @ArielleKBrown

I cleaned the house, got the spare room ready for arielle. Sean is out performing and won't be home till tommrow. So it will just be me, ailani and arielle. She's gonna be here soon, I'm so excited. She should be here any min! I fed ailani, burped her, changed her diaper and gave her a bath and put her Coach sweats.

Arielle- I'm here! Hi Toulouse!
Ariana- hi love! Hugging arielle
Arielle- hi babe! where's my ailani?
Ariana- she's in here. Belmissma, Auntie is here.
Arielle- hi baby! Holding ailani
Ariana- I'm gonna put your bags in your room
Arielle- okay.

After playing with the pups, and playing with ailani and getting lunch. We decided to do our live chat.

Alright, babes tune in were going live! @ArielleKBrown
ariana- alright, hi everybody let us know if you can see & hear us.

Arilover- hi Ari!!! We can see & hear ily.

Ariana- oh hi, arilover i love you. yay its working.

Arielle- hi everyone.

Ariana- so peeps, this is my sister arielle!

User- you guys look so much alike!

Ariana- will I would hope so, we're sisters. Laughing.

We did the live chat for another hour or so, then ailani was getting fussy so we ended it showing our appreation.

If miss. Ailani here didn't kill the vibes, we would've gone longer lmao. See you soon queens, we love you <3.

We got ailani to sleep, and we watched movies & chilled with the pups.

Next morning

Sean - morning baby
Ariana- morning love kissing sean
Sean- what are y'all up to today?
Ariana- working out, lush treatments with Frankie & tattoos updates.
Sean- watchya gonna get?
Ariana- yours & ailani's name, and matching tats with arielle & Frankie.
Sean- I wanna get your & ailani's name
Ariana- we're gonna go today. Wanna go to the mall with us later?
Sean- yeah
Ariana- alright. Were gonna go, bye love you.
Sean- love you kissing Ari

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