Chapter 17: Puppeteer

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Dont start the music yet.

(Delsin's POV)

"Why won't you turn on!?" I shouted, slamming my palms on the control panel. Iris was being difficult by leaving the brakes on.

"Stupid piece of junk!" I yelled again, kicking the pilot seat and sending it skidding across the room. "Okay, okay. Calm down. What's the problem here? Brakes aren't unlocking, meaning they're jammed. So I just need to un-jam them."

Taking a few deep breathes to keep calm, I dropped to my knees and opened a maintenance panel to check the brake cords. They were perfectly fine.

"The hell is this bull?" The lights flickered and the entire structure shook. "I'm keeping you stuck." I looked up and saw a figure composed entirely of black and orange smoke.

"Oh, it's you. Haven't seen you in, a year or so?" "Yes, I had other matters to attend to. And what have you been doing, aside from being the pathetic piece of worthless trash you are?" His remark stung.

"What did you call me?" "Oh, are you deaf now to? I called you a weakling! You spend every waking second blaming everyone else for you're cowardice!" That stung even more.

"And how would you know?!" "Because I've been watching you. You're an idiot, pathetic! Useless! You are so afraid of the truth that you even shoved away those you loved so they wouldn't see you for what you really are." His voice was cold, and dripping with venom.

(Start playing the music.)

I started remembering all the memories from before. When I first met Belle, when I kissed her, when I gave her the key to the mansion, when she gave me that pink heart pin.

Then it came to Max. When we first found her, took her in, helped her feel at home, cope with the loss of her flock.

Then Dan and Tasha. When they first found me, huddled in a dumpster in the rain, when we found the mansion, when we beat Deadgate for the first time.

Killing Deadgate, seeing what was behind that door, running away and abandoning the others, attacking Belle, getting beat by Max, seeing Dan as Deadgate, being tortured by him, cutting my wings off.

I collapsed as tears streamed down my face and the puppeteer placed his hand on my shoulder. "It's finally finished. Come to you're master." "No."

My response shocked him. "What!? Serve me or I'll make you!" "NO! This is all you're fault! You turned me into this!" Clarity dawned on me as I realized who he was.

"You caused all of this!" I lashed out with a bolt of lightning, something I hadn't used since I killed the last Deadgate. When it hit, I got a glimpse of his location.

"I'm ending this. Soon." I said calmly, and he faded into nothing.

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