Game for y'all

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IAmGOD! started a conversation.

Lawlipop joined the conversation.

FabuliciousUnicorn joined the conversation, with a box of Krave cereal. (Sexy Cereal dat shiz...)

IAmGOD!: How about we play a game?

SexehGamer joined the coversation.

SexehGamer: GAMES?! WHAT GAMES?!

IAmGOD!: It's where we all change our names and one person has to guess! :D I'll guess first, let's just get everyone...

Everyone has joined the conversation.

Everyone: Hello, my name is Everyone!

FabulociousUnicorn: ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

Everyone left the conversation.

PuzzleOtaku, ChocolateIsBæ and FreeSwimmer joined the conversation.

FreeSwimmer: WATER! POOL! Free!

FabuliciousUnicorn: Haru... -.- Wrong book...

FreeSwimmer left the conversation.

PuzzleOtaku: Let's Play!


NutellaLooksLikePoop: Guess who is who!

NommingOnPuzzles: And whoever

LollyPops4Lyfe!: Guesses Correctly

JammyThugLife!: Gets a shout out

TheFabulousFloatingBrick: ...

GTAMaster!: Next Chappy!!

ChocolateIsLove: Baiii! :P

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