Chapter 10

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We enter at yougurt and Sindy orders one. She loves yougurt but she cant compare her three boyfriends with yougurt. They are: nutella, rafaello and sprite. She loves those three....
Jonny enters here and starts looking for us. He sees us and sits down with us.

"Hey" I say not looking at him

"Heyy" he says akwardly

"Hmm guys I am leaving for two minutes, so you two can clear this out alone. I will be waiting there ok?!" She says and I nod. Silence is between me and Jonny and then I say.

"Well do you have something to say to me??" I ask him

"Whattt!? Hmm, ouu you know about........ me and the fight that I had with that guy dont you?!"

"Yesss!! How could you?! You said you wouldnt fight with him.. Ugg why did you did that!??" I say mad at him

"Ok please, I will tell you everything! Well after we left the first party we get into an other one. In the second one that boy who tried to kiss you was there!"

"And..... " I say

"Then he saw me and started teasing me, I was calm till the moment he was making fun of something special! I got really mad and then I started kicking him."

"Ok but: 1-that boy was drunk
2-he was a jurk
3-nth good happens when u fight
4-he got hurt and you did too
5- "

"Dont you think I know that" he interrups me
"The thing he did most to make me angry was that he was making fun of you!!" He says and I put my head down

"I am always the reason why bad things happen!!" I say in the lowest tone ever

"Hey you are not, that mostly happened because of me!"

"What no if I wouldnt play that game nothing would had happened!!" I blame myself

He sees me and I put my head down sad, he raises my head with his hand saying
"Hanna dont put your head down! You shouldnt!"

"Umm" I blush cuz I thought he was going to kiss me. We stay silence for a while...

"Ok lets get over this!.....
Omg I forgot Sindy... Sindy come here! Hey!" She hears me and comes

"Did you guys finished!?" She asks

"Yep we did" he says and I nod

"Hmm guys I am leaving now cuz we finished every thing soo.." He says

"Hm ok bye!" I say and smile at him

"Bye" Sindy says and he leaves

After he leaves there was a minute of silence. Just right after that Sindy was asking me. She wanted to know every single detail, and I told her what I remembered. Then we left yougurt and we went to the center of the city! She took me there cuz my crush Tim always goes there thats why! We stay there for a while and in that moment we were living we see Tim. He is so cuteeeeeeeeeee. He comes to me and smiles, I was like I was sent to heaven.

"Hey Hanna, Sindy! Whats up!?" Tim says and I was thinking he is so awsome

"Hm not much" Sindy says and I nod

"Sooo.. Hanna.." I got really excited and butterflies were in my belly
"There is going to be a party here after one hour.." He says and continues.... "Would you like to stay here with me!?"

"Sure why not!!" I say trying to sound cool Sindy looks at me and I smile. Awwwww I just cant believe Tim asked me to stay with him.

"Thats great!! I am going to buy something at "Burger King". Do you guys want anything!?" Tim asks us he is so kind

"We can come with you thats not a problem" Sindy says and I nod.

On the way there Sindy got a fake call from her mom and left us all alone. We were like really shy to talk, I couldnt say anything he is the boy, he must make the first move.
We order and eat the hamburgers there and when we arrive at the center we were in time.....
He was trying to brake the ice FINALLY!!

"Do you want to dance!?" I was really shocked of that question but still I stay calm and nod.
He was a really good dancer for a boy. Most of the boys arent. He leans on to kiss me but I baile and he understands. I did that cuz he hasnt even asked me to be his girlfriend. How can I kiss him!?  After a while we talk about different topics and make funny things.
Rain starts and we enter in a restaurant and stay there. We were waiting a lot and the rain wasnt stopping, but we couldnt see how much time was passing cuz we were having a great time. Aftet a lot we decide to pass throw the rain, we run like the wind holding hands. Running faster and faster to find a place to stay for a little. He was my guide and was holding my hand tight.   It was such a magical moment, but the next moment I remember I was.......

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