chapter - 19 College Drama

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Priya's POV

I started to get ready for the college and cooked the breakfast for both of us. Soon Abhay dropped me off at the college. After yesterday night conversation my heart started to feel light. As if i was carrying a mountain till yesterday and today i'm free from it. Smile started to spread on my involuntarily thinking of Abhay.

Today morning too while he was dropping me off at the college, he showed me the gesture of love by pecking me on my forehead. I still have ten percent of doubt wheatear he changed or not. I pushed that thought a side and started to walk to my class room. Yes i don't believe anyone soon due to the incident in the past.

"hey priya, you know what there is this tour being planned to goa. Wanna join me?" Martha my one and only friend in this college asked.

"tour? But why now?" i asked while taking a seat next to her.

"every batch in their fourth year have this types of tours. So will you?" she asked with puppy dog eyes pleading.

How would i ask Abhay regarding this mater? I am sure he will never allow me to go. I sighed. "i don't know Martha. I have to take permission from my hus—parents."

"but you said your parents don't live here. So what's the problem lets just sneak out." She said while striking the eye.

"no no i cant do that." I said bewildered. Abhay will just kill me if i do it. His caring and short temper is not at all a great combination. Fear swept through my body thinking about short tempered Abhay.

"then give me your address i will come and speak to your relatives." Martha said handing me a pen and paper.

No way!

"huh Martha. No problem. Today i will try to take permission from them." I said while faking a smile.

"priya, i'm really excited to go on a tour with my new best friend. Wow amazing." She said while hugging me and staring into the sky.

It finally recess time.

While i was going towards the canteen, again i felt pair of eyes staring intensely at me. i turned to look at his side, but me watching didn't cause any movement in him.

What a weird person he is?

I was on my way to canteen when i felt someone stopping me by gripping my shoulder. It was jai. "why are you escaping from me?" he asked.

"then what should i do?" i asked him without looking at him.

"yesterday i was just kidding. Sorry for that." He said in a low tone.

"i don't need any sorry and neither speaking with you." I said and was leaving when he stopped me again.

"whats your problem jai?" i asked him irritated.

"i'm sorry for embarrassing you. You escape from me as if i am a monster." He said with hurt in his eyes.

"priorly i don't know you. And secondly why do you care if i escape?" i asked him by facing him and putting my hands on my waist as a demanding pose.

"you know me. yesterday i introduced myself."

"stop kidding please. So if you excuse me i will leave." I said.

"priya please i want to be your friend." He pleaded. I was confused with his reaction. "can we sit and speak?"

"i don't have much time." I said and was about to leave when he pulled me towards a table and forced me to have a seat.

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