I heard a loud screeching of a car as I heard it hit something hard, a loud scream was heard from someone as my heart sped up for no reason and I felt like I had to see who it was.

I quickly opened the door and ran out of my house to see the horrific sight in front of me.

There on the road lay none other than Farhan himself as blood surrounded him, creating a large puddle around him.

My heart thumped loudly in my rib cage as I stared at the lifeless body of the person who I hated the most.

"Somebody call the ambulance!"

"Is he dead?"

"He's not breathing!"

"He's dead! How can you not know it."

"His pulse! I can't feel it !"

I heard different voices but I didn't care, all I saw was him who finally knew how death really is like. How helpless you really are in front of death.

I stood there for i don't know how long as I heard the azaan in my ears, I looked up thanking Allah, I just felt like I should.

I rolled my tongue over my lips as I retreated my steps back to home, leaving him on the hard concrete road.

I, at that moment, prayed, to him who helped me, who did justice not just to me, but to everyone. Who didn't let me do such a big sin that I was about to do by killing Farhan, instead he took the life out of him, himself.

Aye khuda, kese bhula dete hain log teri khudai ko?

Mujhse tera banaya hua ek insan tak bhulaya nahi jata

I prayed silently as a drop of tear fell from my eyes as Zarish's face flashed in front of my eyes.

I got up from the prayer mat folding it up carefully as I dialed Shehry's number.

He picked it up on the first ring, "Hussain."

"He's dead." I spoke, without any emotion in my voice.

"What? You-you killed him? Hussain what the hel-"

"Will you shut up and listen to me?!" I nearly shouted at him as the other end went silent, I took a big breathe feeling bad about my sudden outburst as I explained him everything.

"Shukar hai Allah ka, I was worried man! Ke tu kuch aesa wesa na karde. Khair baki baatain a ker hongi. Allah Hafiz." He stated and cut the call in a hurry.

I waited in my room for him to come, I don't know why but I felt good, I felt like a big rock has been lifted off of my shoulder.

There was a knock on the door as Shehry entered inside, without a word he took big steps and hugged me, squeezing me like a kid making it hard to breathe as I lightly patted his back.

"Salay tu mujhe console kar raha hai ya main tumhain?" I spoke, trying to make the environment light.

"Wese bari fast service dikhai, 5 minute bhi nahi huay hongay tujhe call rakhay huay."

He chuckled stepping back, "So he's finally dead?" He asked, the graveness back on his and my face as I nodded without a word.

"But I thought ke tu you know? usay.." He left the statement hanging.

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