"Farhan Shah, what a surprise to see you here." I said, with a hint of smirk on my face as he sat there, looking up at me with those sinner eyes.

"Kyun laye hou mujhe yahan?" He spoke, trying to sound confident but failed.

"Isn't it obvious? I mean, ab tak tou samajh jana chahiye tumhain." I shrugged, "balkay, ab tak tou kalma bhi parh lena chahiye tumhain." I got close to him whispering in his ear, as I felt a shiver run down his spine giving a satisfied feeling inside me.

"Kiya matlab hai tumhara." His voice shivered, as I gave him a fake smile, making him frown more.

"Mera matlab," I spoke taking out a pocket knife from my jeans as I ran it down his arm, pushing it further into his skin making him wince after every scar I put on his precious skin, I smiled watching him bleed.

"Mera matlab yeh hai Farhan ke, I want revenge." I smiled while moving the knife up to his neck, giving him a cut there as hot red blood oozed out of the cuts.

His eyes widened as he looked at me, tears could easily be seen in them.

"She wasn't coward, but you sure as hell are, Farhan Shah." I spoke running the knife down his cheek as he closed his eyes in pain, a tear escaped from his eyes but I ignored it. 

"Wait." I stopped, blood dripped down from the knife, not just any blood. His blood. He opened his eyes and looked at me pleadingly.

"Kuch kam lag raha hai, nahi?" I rubbed my chin, "tch, yaad aya. How can I forget about this!" I smirked taking out the black gun, he was shaking by now, but I didn't care, I need to teach him and I will. He started to move and try get out of his ropes but failed as they got more tight around hi, hurting him more than usual.

"P-p-please mujhe mat maaro." He shook violently but couldn't move because of the ropes tied to his arm and legs.

It felt good so see him beg and plead for mercy in front of me.

"Chalo thora aur time deta hoon, tab tak.." I stated as I punched him hard on his face, "yeh Zarish ko marnay ke liye."

I punched him again, "yeh uska rape karnay ke liye."

And again, "yeh meri zindagi mujhse cheen'nay ke liye."

After a while, he didn't look much conscious as I smiled proudly, I don't know what has gotten over me. i was never like that but love can make you do weird things.

I wanted to cry, I wanted to kill myself, I wanted to get away from all of this.


He lied there looking satisfied as I crept up in his house.

Cloths were scattered everywhere including some feminine ones making me cringe at this person. How could he be like this? Janwar hai yeh, insaan kehlanay ke laiq bhi nahi hai!

I slowly took careful steps towards him, securely holding the cloth of chloroform in my hand, reminding me of my past, nearly everything reminded me of my past.

I placed the cloth on his nose as he opened his eyes, wide to stop me but he was unconscious before he could do anything, as I picked him up and threw him in the backseat of my car.

And I had Farhan Shah, laying helplessly in my car, ready for his death.

I sped back to my house and tied him up to a chair, waiting for him to wake up.

*End of flashback*

Hussain yeh sab sahi nahi hai,
Insaaf khuda ka kaam hai.

Hussain, chor do isay, Allah tumhare saath hai.

I heard a voice surrounding me, making me shut my eyes tightly due to the sharp pain occurring in my head.

I took in a deep breathe as I stared at my reflection on the mirror, my hands had blood on them, my hair were a mess and dark bags were under my eyes, my eyes, they weren't mine, they weren't like they way they used to be, like the way they used to shine.

This is just not me.

I shook my head slowly as I walked back into the basement where he sat.

Without a word I started to open the ropes as he looked at me questioningly, but the fear still in his eyes.

"Get up." I ordered, my voice boomed in the empty basement as he looked up, shaking head to toe.

I forcefully grabbed his arm, pressing onto his cuts as he screamed in pain but I ignored his cries as I dragged him out of the basement and out of my house.

"You're-you're letting me go?" He asked, hope filled in his eyes as I pressed my lips in a thin line.

"No- I'm letting my Allah do the justice. And he can never disappoint me, I believe in him." I gazed in those eyes which once saw her beg and plead to have some mercy on her but this heartless person didn't care.

I punched him hard in the guts one last time before pushing him towards the streets as he limped down the street.

I closed the door of my house pressing my back to it, thinking over everything that happened.

InshaAllah, he'll get what he deserve.

I'll be waiting for the news.

I shut my eyes as I pressed my palm to my head which was throbbing.

What was that voice, who was it? I have no idea.

But that voice gave me a good feeling inside me and I wanted to trust the person even if I didn't want to.

I felt good and my heart was satisfied after that voice of someone stopping me from doing a huge sin I was about to do.

I wanted to thank whoever it was but I didn't really knew who or what it was.


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