Day 2

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The next morning was rough. I woke up in a panic not knowing where I was. I had millions of thoughts running through my mind. What if they kill me? What if it's just a joke? I didn't know the real reason and I couldn't think straight but I was about to find out. The door swung open again as more men this time burst through the door followed again by the boss. They grabbed me by the arm and ripped me away off to the room again. We were back where we started from last night, just the two of us in the small room.

"I hope you are willing to cooperate today." He said softly

"why am I here. What do you want?" I replied trying to hold back my tears.

"oh! so you do speak?" I looked at him and scowled again.

"Well what i'm going to tell you for now is I need someone with your skills, your ability, to do some... work for me."

"Why on earth would I help you." I laughed

"Oh, you will. I know you will." He grinned evilly and called the men again.

On their way back in through the doors, I managed to get up and make a break for it. I ran as fast as I could down the halls, turning almost every corner with my hands still tied behind my back. As I looked behind me to check if they followed I tripped over a pipe and tumbled into a room with no lights and no one in it. I scurried out of the way and let all the men pass before leaving the room. I opened the door a crack to see if there was anymore people. I couldn't see anymore so I tip toed out of the room and around the corner. I screamed and fell backwards as the boss holding a gun towards my face walked closer and closer towards me, pressing me up against the wall. I knew that there was no way out of this one.

"Now tell me, why do you think you can outsmart me?" he chuckled

I continued to slowly back up until I couldn't go any further because of the wall behind me. He dialed a number into his phone and started talking to someone.

"Ya call em off, I found her" he said turning his head towards me.

"Don't worry, she'll be perfect."

He hung up the phone, grabbed my arm and started dragging me back towards the cell.

"Don't ever try something like that again, understand?" he yelled

"you're lucky I didn't put a bullet in your head right on the spot!"

As we were heading back to the cell, his phone started to ring.


"ya don't worry everything will be fine, i've got our solution to our problems right here."

"ya i'm on my way."

"What was that about?" i asked

"none of your business" he growled as we made our way to the elevator. We went to the very top floor where we met a man in a black trench coat waiting for us on the roof. They sat me down in a chair and tied me up so I couldn't run away again, then started talking in a different language so I couldn't understand them. When they finished talking they both looked at me and grinned.

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