"Tum pagal tou nahi hogaye hou, Hussain?!" I heard him shout on the other end of the call, making me roll my eyes.

Haan hogaya hoon pagal, usay kho ke nahi reh paunga main apnay hosh-o-hawas main.

"Shehry, Just give me what I need!" I said rather calmly, It felt like I was another person but I didn't really care.

"Nahi Hussain, there has to be another way."I could feel him getting worried and getting helpless but I didn't want to see him helpless, I wanted to see Farhan helpless.

"Look, I don't give a eff about another way, I'm doing what my heart is saying and you don't want to help me? Fine, I'll do it myself." At this I cut the call before he could say anything else to change my plan.

I dialed another number and the person picked it up after a ring.

"Hussain, I knew you would call." I felt him smirk as I sighed, I don't know if it was pain or anger.

"Just give me the gun, I need it." I spoke lowly, feeling tired all of a sudden.

"Fine, meet me at the bridge after an hour." He spoke formally as if it was his everyday thing and I nodded.

The call ended as I threw the mobile on my bed, my head was spinning as I gripped my hair rather forcefully, trying to ease the pain erupting in my head. 


I heard her angelic voice in my ear, as I quickly looked around me but found her nowhere.

The voices, her voices surrounded me, making me go insane just by hearing her call my name. Tears started to form in my eyes as I kept looking for her, to find her and never let her go, but she wasn't there for me, she wasn't there when I needed her. 

"Hussain, I'm sorry." I heard her whisper in my ear, making me close my eyes as the pain increased, tears flowed from my eyes freely as I felt my knees go weak. I felt weak, for the first time in my whole life, I was weak.

"I love you, Hussain." And this was the last thing I heard when there was complete silence. The pain seemed to vanish. I slowly opened my eyes, hoping to see her beautiful face in front of me, hoping to see that beautiful smile and those twinkling eyes in front of me but she wasn't anywhere.

I stood in the middle of my room, staring at the picture of her, that hung from the wall right before me.

She was smiling widely, her eyes shone like usual, "I love you more, Zarish." I whispered as I looked down, not being able to look in those eyes which are now just left in pictures and memories.

It hurts to even think that I wont be able to touch her, to look in those eyes which took my breathe away every time I looked in them.

"I love you more than you could've even imagined, Zarish Hussain." I whispered to myself, feeling her so near to me was enough to ease the pain in my heart.

It felt like she was here, looking at me with those loving eyes, having the most beautiful smile of hers on her beautiful face.

I shut my eyes tightly, wanting to get out of this feeling.

Kaash tum meri maut hoti, tou ek din mujhe zaroor mil jati.

Aye khuda, yeh muhabbat ka khel bhi mosam ki tarha hai.

Kabhi voh beshumaar pyaar barsati thi aur ab ek ek bond ko tarsati hai.

I looked up to see five minutes left for me to meet him and get what I needed.

I looked around one last time to see a last glance of her but she wasn't there, I felt my heart break and burn at the same time. I didn't know what was happening with me, I think I was going insane.

I took a deep breathe and walked out of the house, as I reached the bridge.

"Usman, 5 minutes early." I asked, gravely.

"Trust me Hussain, I know how you feel man. I fell in love once too, but that love didn't really get a happy ending." He spoke sadly but It didn't reach his eyes, he placed his hand on my shoulder.

But I didn't have time for all this as I got to the point quickly.

"Did you brought it?" I asked rather rudely.

"Yes, but think again about this Hussain. You might get in trouble." He asked but I shrugged it off.

"I don't care as long as I teach him a lesson as long as he knows what It really is like, It's all good."

"Hussain, love can make you do weird things right? And that's why I'll take care of everything else. So don't worry about getting caught. Just do what you want. I saw myself in you, and right there I knew I had to help you. Nobody was there for me when I went through the worst and I know how it is, I'll do the best I can to help you." He smiled as I felt him shove something in my hand, After a second I realized what it was and I held it firmly before keeping it safely in the pocket of my jacket.

He made all of it so much more easy for me.

"Thank you." I muttered, he gave me a manly hug and nodded assuring-ly before walking away.

I stood there on the bridge and took slow steps, deciding how to start and what to do.

Everything should be perfect.

And everything will be perfect.

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