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born Dec. yup I'm a December baby... Well my life turned out to be interesting

I lived with my parents (duh panda) and we all lived in a small crowded room me my dad mom and sisters
The thing is... We lived with my grandparents my grandma wouldn't hold me once (I'm already crying)
Well we were all in that small room with both parents and both sisters in it.... (go ahead laugh) my grandma would tell me and my sisters to stay in the room while all my aunts and cousins were out there having fun and I'm in my own little corner in the room listening waiting crying inside and out holding my hands together,mom And dad worked hard just to pay our rent... Me 7-year old panda already wanted death than life I still remember that one day that changed my life...
Imma type next time I'm sorry I can't deal with the fact that all this happened to me and my family its just I can't... hope you can't understand oh..And go checkout my friend water nymph rocks


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