Lucys dream

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Recap Lucy was in the air bleeding and stopes breathing but Wendy saved he was is going on in her mind mow lets see } {Lucy's pov } hmmmm what going on (start song plez ) *luce mind* I was warring a dress that was all Black and tights that only go over my knees with high hills my hair was long it was down to my knees what is going on there * ( I start running ) yes the I'm out of the forest finally * natu: hello ms heartfillia * aaaaa natus you scared me wait did you gist call me ms heartfillia and why are you wearing armer natus  *natus: sorry and yes because I'm am your knight................................................. akkkkkkk {I was breathing heavily} *natus:Luce you finally awake yazz we can continue wait if you want to if that ok. *lucy : uhhhh oooo yah lets go then hhhmmmmm  ok I'm done soo let talk I'm not dead yay ummm I was trying it fine idea I was reading the book ware Lucy loses her memory and so I made a dream one yay and now we're talking about her dream what was that about anyways ya bai ohhh I was thinking about a name so common what you think ok bai again

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