Chapter 5

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Jade's POV
I felt the eyes of both North and Dinah now on me. I also began to feel a weird pain, a type of pain I've felt before, heartbreak.
I don't love him anymore. Maybe I do. I don't need him. Maybe I do. I couldn't think straight all of my thoughts revolving around convincing myself that I shouldn't feel heartbroken were failures. I am heartbroken. I do love him. I do need him. I felt tears begin to pour out of my eyes, a slow stream at first, within moments I couldn't even see clearly. Dinah slowly took North from my arms and I slid down the wall.
They say love hurts. Love is one of the most beautiful but yet painful things in this world. It's a beautiful disaster.
Justin's POV
They give you a choice when you get to heaven. You see how the people close to you are handling the situation then you have an option to decide whether or not you want to go back. It's a really complicated decision, I chose to go back.
Once I awakened I looked around the empty room I was in, I saw as a nurse walked in and she did what nurses do, then left. I covered my face with the blanket and slowly drifted off to sleep.
Author's Note
This book is annoying me, and I have no more ideas so, I'm just going to end it here.... Sorry.

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