I'll save you star..for as long as it takes..

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-night time at the diaz's-

Marco's journal entry:


I basically love her..better than I love jackie.

I'll do anything just to protect her from jackie or anyone else who thinks they can hurt her

She's my best friend also my princessa mariposa 

I'll stop at nothing to keep her with me for as long as my Diaz heart can take it..

Star's journal intry:


I basically love him..better than any of my old crushes and tom combined 

I'll be a complete mess with out his everything!

He's been my best friend ever since i came to earth...

I'll love him as long as me and him are together..

No one's pov

Basically star and marco both went their separate ways to get ready for bed but little do they know that something is brewing and it has their names on it..

Star's pov

"I wonder what marco has planned because he told me to meet him down here?" She thought as she was standing downstairs looking at a note that looked like it was scribbled in marco's half neat/half messy handwriting. As she was looking at the note,she felt very dizzy and loosing conchousness quickly... "M..marco.." She said falling in down unconscious.

Marco's pov

"I was perfect I thought..I wonder if she actually downthere and if she found my note.." I thought holding a box that held the perfect gift the same one i gave jackie..but star's was better..more perfect..

I walked down stairs to find no star.. "Star? STAR?!? Where are you??" I yelled.. I guess i must have yelled loud enough because my parents come rushing down the stairs in panic.. "What is it mijo?!?" Mrs and mr diaz said together.. "S-she's missing..and it's all my fault" I said crouching down holding the rancom note and the box tightly.. "Who marco?" Mrs.diaz asked.. "Star's missing and im going to go find her..and bring her back perfectly as the mariposa she is.." I say standing up,tucking the box and the note in my hoodie pocket before grabbing star's wand and dimensional scissors.. "With all my heart and diaz courage..im going to find her and never give up if i dont.."    

(The best part is going to show in the next chapter.. Comment down below in any part ideas that you want me to add in next chapters and if you want me to continue updating this story.. -marco :3)

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