Chapter 23

~ Anonymous POV ~

I was only five years old, that foggy November twenty-third, the day she was born. One would think that because I was so young that I wouldn't remember that day, but I do, how could I forget about the day where everything changed for me. How could I ever?

I remember him talking to a man, that day at the hospital, I'd assumed it had been one of his business partners, since they looked like they were having a pretty serious conversation, considering the look that they had on their faces.

In fact, now that I really think about it, I believe the man he was speaking to was her father, why else would he be there? If it was really a business partner like I had assumed, they most likely wouldn't talk out in public, where anyone could've heard about their plans.

I can't necessarily recall most of their conversation, since I was in fact a care free child at the time, however the stranger did look utterly worried over something.

I do recall bits and pieces, but it's not enough for me to figure out exactly what they were conversing of.

If I'm correct and can remember properly, then I'm almost certain that the stranger had said, "If we don't do this now, then we're putting them in danger!"

To this day, I've had many theories about whom he was talking about, the first one, obviously being The Oulaw, if that man really was her father, then I'm certain he would've done anything to protect her, but then again, I'm not even sure if that man was her father, perhaps a relative?

I sigh, life could've been so much easier if he had not gotten involved. It would've been so much better, I could've had such a better life, but of course, he never cared about what I wanted nor needed, it was always her, whatever she wanted, whatever she needed.

When I was younger, I would like to convince myself that he did actually care about me, in his own way, but I soon realized that I was only making a fool out of myself, he no longer did, all of his love and care went towards her.

In a way, his neglect made me stronger, that's one thing she'll never be, stronger. She always claims to be the strongest out of everyone here, but if you'd ask me, I'd say she's the weakest one here.

The way she broke when she found out that Nathaniel and that police officer weren't exactly truthful to her, she was a total wreck. Well to be fair, it wasn't as bad the first time, but right after she found out that precious police officer of hers, wasn't who he said he was, it literally took her weeks to get back on her feet.

Quite pathetic for someone who claims to be strong and courageous, if you asked me, but then again, my opinion wasn't relevant, it never has been.

I wonder what he would've thought if he seen the way she was, how broken and pathetic she was acting. Would he had still admired and praise her? Would he still tell me that I should be more like her?

Well he was right about that, I am nothing like her. I'm twice as stronger, twice as smarter, and twice as capable. And she will soon realize it, she will soon see, what I have failed to make him see.

~ Nick's POV ~

"It's you.." I whisper, completely shocked, as the wicked smile on her face grows.

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